Peter Kirsanow with some very interesting information.

Are we a racist nation?  No! The numbers speak for themselves.

Angelique Chengelis of the Detroit News.

Big Ten football is back.

You're Killing Me!

Steve Courtney celebrates his anniversary on the show.

Mike Barnicle from Msnbc

A lively discussion on taxes!

The "president" joins us again!

Yes the latest from the White House(Eric Harthen)

Desmond Howard of ESPN on the Big Ten..

Is playing college football a good thing?

Our friends at Health Partners and the auto no fault mistake.

Rep Sherry Gay-Dagnogo joins the conversation.

The Popcorn Pledge and Dr. "Fauci"

A challenge for businesses and Dr. Fauci! (Ed Kelly) 

Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan

We talk Census, Prop N, the budget and used cars.

"Sleepy Joe"(Eric "Come on Man!" Harthen) talks with Mitch.

No teleprompter here.(maybe a script though..)

News of the day/ early afternoon Jazz & Police being shot

Why is there not more of an uproar over the shooting of two Los Angeles Deputies?

Adam Graham of the Detroit News on "Cuties"

Do you think you should cancel Netflix?

Lions Quarterback Matthew Stafford.

Talking about the loss to the Bears and more.