DTE says crews are working hard to restore power to 250,000 customers - April 16, 2018

Trevor Lauer, DTE Electric President says the Detroit area was hit very hard by an ice storm and thats why there are so many outages. He also says more crews have been called in to help with the restoration efforts.

The Lions season is just around the corner & Jason Stein looks at the season - July 20, 2018

Jason Stein and Sean Baligian talk to Dan Miller, Lions Radio Play by Play Announcer about training camp and what kind of team we will see this year. 

Ken Leslie talks to Jason Stein about his work helping homeless veterans - July 20, 2018

Ken Leslie of Veterans Matter tells Jason Stein they have now housed more than 2300 veterans in 20 states. 

The Democratic candidates debated last night and Gretchen Whitmer is pleased with her performance - July 20, 2018

Gretchen Whitmer tells Jason Stein as Governor she would fix the roads, make schools safer, lower car insurance rates and clean up the water supply.

Flavio Volpe, President of the Canadian Automotive Parts Manufacturing Association - July 20, 2018

Flavio Volpe tells Jason Stein if the U.S. imposes auto tariffs Canada will fire back. 

The NAIAS is getting ready to make a big announcement and Jason Stein is talking about it - July 20, 2018

Rod Alberts, Detroit Auto Dealers Association Executive Director explains to Jason Stein why the DADA is getting ready to change the date of the show. 

Jason Stein talks to Mike Jackson, AutoNation Chairman & CEO - July 20, 2018

Jason Stein congratulates Mike Jackson on his induction into the Automotive Hall of Fame last night at the MGM Grand,

Ford's truck sales are strong and Jason Stein is talking about it - July 20, 2018

It looks like Ford is on track to have its strongest truck sales in the history of the company. Joe Hinrichs, Ford Motor Co. President of Global Operations talks to Jason Stein about the strong sales. 

Jason Stein breaks down the Democratic debate with Kathy Gray - July 20, 2018

Kathy Gray, Detroit Free Press Political Reporter tells Jason Stein, Abdul El-Sayed threw the most jabs during the debate and Gretchen Whitmer had one of the best lines of the night. 

The Ann Arbor Art Fair starts today - July 19, 2018

Karen Delhey talks with Paul W. Smith about the annual Ann Arbor Art Fair and she says its going to be a great weekend. For more information go to artfair.org

Condor has been sold to Mobiliti - July 19, 2018

Tarun Kajeepeta, Condor Founder tells Paul W. Smith his vehicle subscription service has been purchased by Mobiliti and he will continue to be part of the growing business. 

Dr. Frank McGeorge, Henry Ford Medical Group Physician - July 19, 2018

Dr. Frank McGeorge tells Paul W. Smith stress is bad for your health and he has some important tips on how to keep it under control 

A Detroit City Councilman is dealing with a lawsuit and PWS learns more about it - July 18, 2018

M.L. Elrick, Fox 2 Detroit Investigative Reporter and WJR fill-in host tells Paul W. Smith, Gabe Leland is accused of extortion in a civil lawsuit and hes been looking into the case.

Congressman Mike Bishop was in the room when President Trump clarified controversial comments he made earlier in the week - July 18, 2018

The Republican Congressman tells Paul W. Smith, President Trump took the time yesterday to explain what he meant when he appeared to support President Putin over U.S. intelligence agencies.

Paul W. Smith talks to Congressman Paul Mitchell about the Helsinki summit - July 18, 2018

Congressman Mitchell talks to Paul about President Trumps meeting with President Putin and his controversial comments during a news conference after the private meeting. 

There's a new documentary coming out on Detroit and PWS is talking about it - July 18, 2018

Today is the fifth anniversary of the Detroit bankruptcy filing and Sam Katz, Founder of History Making Productions tells Paul W. Smith he is working on a documentary about the historic event. Its called: We Are Alive: A Grand Bargain for Americas City. 

Paul W. Smith congratulates MSU's Bill Beekman - July 17, 2018

Bill Beekman tells Paul W. Smith & Sean Baligian he is looking forward to leading MSUs Athletic department and hes committed to taking care of the student athletes. 

Paul W. Smith welcomes Emagine's Paul Glantz to WJR - July 17, 2018

Paul Glantz, Founder & Chairman of Emagine Entertainment talks to Paul W. Smith about his movie theaters and his expansion plans. He also did a great job co-hosting the show with Paul this morning. 

Paul W. Smith welcomes Comcast's Michelle Gilbert to WJR - July 17, 2018

Michelle Gilbert, Comcast Cable Vice-President of Public Relations talks to Paul W. Smith about the cable business and the companys work in Metro Detroit. 

The groundbreaking takes place today for the Gordie Howe Ambassador Bridge - July 17, 2018

Governor Rick Snyder tells Paul W. Smith he is looking forward to todays groundbreaking for the new bridge. 

Paul W. Smith talks about Lewy Body Dementia & its effect on families - July 17, 2018

A documentary on Robin Williams has revealed that the well known actor was starting to have symptoms associated with Lewy Body Dementia. Paul W. Smith talks to Steve Novak of Visiting Angels about his work with patients dealing with the disease. 

Paul W. Smith talks to an Oakland University foreign affairs expert about President Trump's meeting with President Putin - July 17, 2018

Peter Trumbore, incoming Chairman of the Oakland University Political Science department tells Paul W. Smith, President Trump is dealing with foreign affairs in a totally different way than other presidents and that is creating turmoil around the world.

Andy Smith of "Investing Sense" talks to PWS about the market reaction to trade tariffs - July 17, 2018

Andy Smith tells Paul W. Smith there is a disconnect between the way the media is reporting on the fallout from President Trumps trade tariffs and the way the stock market is behaving. 

Lt. Mike Shaw talks to PWS about the tragic death of a 7 year old on I-94 - July 16, 2018

Michigan State Police Lt. Mike Shaw tells Paul W. Smith a drunk driver made a stupid mistake that cost his 7 year old daughter her life.

Paul W. Smith talks to a hero this morning - July 16, 2018

Joseph Holzberger, Port Huron Police Cadet explains to Paul how he rescued two young girls who were swept away by the current of the St. Clair River.

Susan Tompor has important advice for Amazon Prime Day - July 16, 2018

Paul W. Smith talks to Susan about the event and she says to be careful of online shopping scams.

The Detroit Zoo is celebrating a new baby - July 16, 2018

Paul W. Smith talks to Ron Kagan, Executive Director of the Detroit Zoological Society who says the new chimpanzee has been named Jane after Jane Goodall, the chimpanzee expert.

President Trump meets with the head of Russia today - July 16, 2018

Paul W. Smith talks to Correspondent Bob Costantini live from Helsinki, Finland about President Trumps meeting with Vladimir Putin.

Paul W. Smith goes live to the CATCH event at Meadowbrook - July 16, 2018

Steve Courtney & Jim Hughes, CATCH Executive Director tell Paul W. Smith its going to be a day of raising money for a good cause. 

Crain's Mike Lee tells Paul W. Smith the Nelson's are investing in Eastern Market - July 16, 2018

Mike Lee says the father and son team of Sanford and Linden Nelson have been quietly buying up properties around Eastern Market.