Ford Motor Co. President Joe Hinrichs - September 18, 2019

Paul W. Smith talks to the Ford executive about the automakers plans for its Dearborn campus.

Evan Finegan - September 18, 2019

The Former Bishop Foley Punter talks to Paul W. Smith about the terrible injury he received during his Buffalo Bulls football game against Penn State and the amazing phone call he received from a football star. 

Is there any progress in the UAW-GM strike? September 18, 2019

Daniel Howes, Detroit News Columnist tells Paul W. Smith theres nothing new in the ongoing strike between the union and the automaker although its good that the two sides are still talking.

Is the U.S. in danger of going to war against Iran? September 18, 2019

Professor Peter Trumbore, Chairman of Oakland Universitys Political Science Department & International Relations Expert talks to Paul W. Smith about the U.S. conflict with Iran and he says he is concerned about the outcome. 

How is the market reacting to the UAW-GM strike? September 18, 2019

David Sowerby, Ancora Advisors Managing Director & Portfolio Manager tells Paul W. Smith so far the market has not had a big response to the three day walkout.

Should you take an aspirin every day? September 18, 2019

Dr. Joel Kahn, Director of the Kahn Longevity Center talks to Paul W. Smith about conflicting information on taking an aspirin a day and he says if you dont have a cardiac issue you dont need to do it. 

Detroit Lions Coach Matt Patricia - September 17, 2019

Coach Patricia tells Paul W. Smith & Steve Courtney he loved the energy and noise from Lions fans on Sunday and their support is very much appreciated as the Lions kick off their season. 

Is it necessary to go to college? September 17, 2019

L. Joseph Schmoke, Entrepreneur, Businessman and Former University CEO has written an op-ed piece in the Detroit News talking about the expense of college and he tells Paul W. Smith while college is good for some people, it doesnt work for everyone.

U.S. Senator Gary Peters - September 17, 2019

Senator Peters talks to Paul W. Smith about several important stories in the news today including the impact of the UAW-GM strike, tensions between the U.S. and Iran and the use of President Trumps properties by his administration. 

Wall Street reacts to the UAW-GM strike - September 17, 2019

Correspondent Steve Kastenbaum tells Paul W. Smith the automakers stock dropped on day one of the strike so all eyes are on negotiations. 

The historic Spire at St. Joseph Oratory has been replaced - September 17, 2019

Canon Michael Stein, Pastor of the Detroit church tells Paul W. Smith the steeple and bell tower restoration is part of a 2.5 million dollar project. 

The lights are back on in Detroit - September 17, 2019

Beau Taylor, Executive Director of the Public Lighting Authority in Detroit tells Paul W. Smith nearly 20,000 defective streetlights have been replaced.

Dan Miller talks to Paul W. Smith & Steve Courtney about the Lions Home Opener - September 16, 2019

Paul and Steve take a look at the Lions 13-10 win at Ford Field with the Lions Radio Play by Play Announcer. 

Coach Dantonio talks about Saturday's Spartan loss - September 16, 2019

MSUs Mark Dantonio acknowledges that there was a PAC 12 officiating error at Saturdays game however he tells Paul W. Smith and Steve Courtney the Spartans had other problems during the game that will need to be fixed 

The UAW calls a national strike against GM - September 16, 2019

Daniel Howes, Detroit News Columnist talks to Paul W. Smith about the strike and what it means for the company and its workers. 

The Lions beat the Chargers on Sunday at Ford Field - September 16, 2019

Mike OHara, Columnist, Steve Courtney and Paul W. Smith talk about the Lions 13-10 home opener win. 

Mary Kramer kicks off Monday with PWS - September 16, 2019

The Crain Communications Group Publisher tells Paul W. Smith its going to be a busy week with a UAW strike at General Motors, the mysterious story of a missing real estate executive and ongoing preparations for Homecoming 2019. 

Mayor Mike Duggan congratulates Paul W. Smith - September 13, 2019

Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan congratulates Paul W. Smith on receiving the 2019 Edward H. McNamara Goodfellow of the Year award.

Congresswoman Debbie Dingell & Grand Hotel's Dan Musser - September 13, 2019

Steve Courtney talks to Congresswoman Debbie Dingell and Dan Musser III, President of Grand Hotel live from the 30th annual Goodfellows breakfast and they congratulate Paul on his Goodfellow of the Year award.

MSU's Mark Dantonio - September 13, 2019

MSU Football Coach Mark Dantonio checks in with Steve Courtney to talk about Saturdays game against the Arizona State Sun Devils and the possibility of Coach making history with 110 victories bypassing Coach Duffy D...

Paul W. Smith is honored by the Goodfellows - September 13, 2019

Marshall Hunt, President of the Goodfellows talks to Steve Courtney and he says they are pleased to be honoring Paul W. Smith with the 2019 Edward H. McNamara Goodfellow of the Year award.