Micki Grossman - 12/20/18

Micki Grossman, Co-chair of Mitzvah Day and Jewish Community Relations Council/AJC Board Member – On the 22nd annual Mitzvah Day where almost 1,000 people will volunteer to allow organizations to reduce staffing on Christmas Day. It’s the s...

Tom Shields - 4/19/19

Tom Shields, President and Founder of Marketing Resource Group – Their new poll shows 75% of Michigan residents oppose a .45 cent gas tax increase 

Debbie Dingell - 4/19/19

Debbie Dingell (D-Dearborn), Congresswoman of Michigan’s 12th District – Thoughts on Robert Mueller’s report that was released yesterday by Attorney General William Barr

Darren McCarty - 4/19/19

Darren McCarty, Former Red Wing Forward and teammate of Steve Yzerman – On the news that Steve Yzerman will be returning to the team at the General Manger

Dr. Kent MacDonald and Dr. Keith Pretty - 4/19/19

Dr. Kent MacDonald, 5th President of Northwood University and Dr. Keith Pretty, Current President of Northwood University – Dr. MacDonald has been named the 5th President in school history 

Andy McCarthy - 4/19/19

Andy McCarthy, Former Assistant United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York – Thoughts on the redacted Robert Mueller report

Frank Beckmann recaps his Washington D.C. trip - 4/18/19

Special Podcast: Frank Beckmann recaps his trip to Washington D.C.for his show at The White House, including his interview with President Donald Trump!

Paul Mitchell - 4/18/19

Paul Mitchell (R-Dryden), Congressman of Michigan’s 10th District – Reaction to the Barr press conference

President Donald Trump - 4/18/19

Donald Trump, President of the United States of America - Frank Beckmann interviews President Trump inside the Roosevelt Romm inside the West Wing of The White House on a number of topics, including Opportunity Zones, the Mueller Report and Golf. 

Ingrid Jacques - 4/16/19

Ingrid Jacques, Deputy Editorial Page Editor at The Detroit News – On her piece on Attorney General Dana Nessel, and the AG’s response to it

Lara Trump - 4/16/19

Lara Trump, President Donald Trump’s Senior Campaign Adviser for his 2020 Campaign

Christine Myran and Keith Villegas - 4/16/19

Christine Myran, CEO of Blue Star Service Dogs and Keith Villegas, Comcast employee and member of the VetNet employee resource group – Blue Star Service Dogs and Comcast are partnering as part of a Comcast Cares Day

Benny Napoleon - 4/16/19

Benny Napoleon, Wayne County Sheriff – Thoughts on President Donald Trump considering releasing undocumented immigrants in sanctuary cities?