Matthew Whitaker - 11/13/19

Matthew Whitaker, Former Acting U.S. Attorney General – Impeachment is DOA, especially if/when it moves through the House, and in fact, the Senate may not even take it up 

Ronna McDaniel - 11/13/19

Ronna McDaniel, Chairwoman of the Republican National Committee – On the impeachment hearings today

Betsy DeVos - 11/12/19

Betsy DeVos, Secretary of the Department of Education – On Apprenticeship Week

Robin Luce Herrmann

Robin Luce Herrmann, Attorney at Butzel Long – On the AG’s office executing search warrants on Detroits IT department

Thomas Conner - 11/12/19

Thomas Conner, professor of Military History at Hillsdale College – On the fall of the Berlin Wall 30 years ago 

Chris Alberta - 11/12/19

Chris Alberta, President and CEO of Principium Tactical Wealth Management – On the updates and changes to the Medicare advantage plans in 2020

Rich Pollman - 11/12/19

Rich Pollman, Warning Coordination Meteorologist for The National Weather Service in White Lake – On the snow we got yesterday and the arctic blast moving through Michigan and Metro Detroit

Vito Pampalona - 11/11/19

Vito Pampalona, Vietnam Veteran and Director of the Yellow Ribbon Fund

Josh Parish and Bruce Friemark - 11/11/19

Josh Parish and Bruce Friemark, Regional Coordinators with the Michigan Veteran Affairs Agency

Amy Kempanien - 11/11/19

Amy Kempanien, Detroit Lions Hometown Hero for the November 17th game against the Dallas Cowboys – She is the very first female Infantry Commander in the U.S.

Jewell Jones - 11/11/19

Jewell Jones (D-Inkster), State Representative of Michigan’s 11th District, Minority Vice-Chair of the Military, Veterans and Homeland Security and Board Member of the Michigan Heroes Museum

Brandon Minuth - 11/11/19

Brandon Minuth, President of the Michigan Heroes Museum & Ronnie Cyrus, Vice President of the Michigan Heroes Museum

Shane Hernandez - 11/11/19

Shane Hernandez (R-Port Huron), State Representative of Michigan’s 83rd District and Chairman of the House Appropriations Committee 

Michael MacDonald and Paul Wojno - 11/8/2019

Michael MacDonald (R-Macomb Twp), State Senator of Michigan’s 10th District and Paul Wojno (D-Warren), State Senator of Michigan’s 9th District – On their bipartisan legislation aimed at holding animal abuser...

Kalea Hall - 11/8/19

Kalea Hall, Auto Reporter for The Detroit News – What does the sale of GM’s Lordstown plant signify? 

Mark Hackel and Daniel Accivatti - 11/8/19

Mark Hackel, Macomb County Executive & Daniel Acciavatti, Chesterfield Township Supervisor – On veteran services in available in Macomb County.

Pat Devlin and Lt. Col Bill Ray - 11/8/19

Pat Devlin, Secretary/Treasurer of the Michigan Building & Construction Trades Council & Lt. Col. Bill Ray, USMC Retired, Committee Member of the 1st Battalion, 24th Marines Memorial - Joins Frank Beckmann live from the 1st Batallion 24th Marines Mem...