Matt Maddock - 2/27/20

Matt Maddock (R-Milford), State Representative of Michigan’s 44th District and Chairman of the Transportation Subcommittee for Appropriations – There’s a new bill aimed at raising taxes for a regional transit system

Mike Shirkey - 2/27/20

Mike Shirkey (R-Clarklake), Senate Majority Leader – On the uptick in absentee ballots in Michigan ahead of the primary on March 10th. Also on the bill that’ll help local clerks in handling those ballots

Donna Pardonnet - 2/27/20

Donna Pardonnet, MUST Careers – Today’s Construction Careers Building Trades Roadshow has been postponed because of the snow, but it’s an important event to help showcase the skilled trades. Also, what’s the construction outlook? 

Lynn Sutfin - 2/27/20

Lynn Sutfin, Public Information Officer for the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services – On Coronavirus in Michigan

Dr. Michael Rice - 2/27/20

Dr. Michael Rice, State Superintendent – On the numbers for Michigan’s graduation rate going up, and the dropout rate going down

Clayton Neville - 2/27/20

Clayton Neville, Westwood One News Correspondent – On the deadly shooting that left five workers dead at the Molson-Coors brewery in Milwaukee, WI. The 51 year old shooter took his own life

Stephen Moore - 2/26/20

Stephen Moore, Economist at The Heritage Foundation and writer of Trumponomics: Inside the America First Plan to Revive Our Economy – On the national economic impact of the coronavirus

Jeff Wiggins - 2/26/20

Jeff Wiggins, Executive Director of ABC (Associated Builders and Contractors) Michigan – On President Donald Trump’s policy effort to speed up infrastructure projects around the country and how that impacts the economy

Glenn Stevens - 2/26/20

Glenn Stevens, Executive Director of MICHAuto – Thoughts on Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s orders on future mobility and electrification and to establish the Michigan Office of Future

Mike Duggan - 2/26/20

Mike Duggan, Mayor of Detroit – On his State of the City address last night

Debbie Dingell and Rocky Raczkowski - 2/25/20

Debbie Dingell (D-Dearborn), Congresswoman of Michigan’s 12th District & Rocky Raczkowski, Chair of the Oakland County Republicans – Thoughts on the Democrat debates?

Patrick Anderson - 2/25/20

Patrick Anderson, Principal and CEO of the Anderson Economic Group in Lansing – On the economic impact of the Coronavirus, both on wall street and in the auto industry. Could we see a real down turn, and is this something we should take seriously?

Gavin Brown - 2/25/20

Gavin Brown, President of the Michigan Aerospace Manufacturing Association – On the chance that a space facility could be coming to Wurtsmith Airport in Oscoda

James Craig - 2/25/20

James Craig, Detroit Police Chief – Update on Kenyel Brown, the 40 year old man who’s suspected to be linked to 6 Detroit killings. He shot himself after police chased him through Oak Park. Now he’s in critical condition

Ruth Johnson - 2/24/20

Ruth Johnson (R-Holly), State Senator of Michigan’s 14th District – On her bills that would allow communities to opt out of a transit plan

Mike Bouchard - 2/24/20

Mike Bouchard, Oakland County Sheriff and VP of Government Affairs for Major County Sheriffs of America – On his appointment to President Donald Trump’s commission: Respect for Law Enforcement and the Rule of Law. The group was created by an executive...

Jonathan Stone - 2/24/20

Jonathan Stone, Head of Programs for Research and Advanced Engineering at Continental Automotive – He has developed a new safety system that would prevent accidents like the one that killed a Michigan family on their way back from Florida on I-75 in Kentuck...

Jason Hayes - 2/24/20

Jason Hayes, Director of Environmental Policy at the Mackinac Center – On water levels in the Great Lakes. Is it a cause of global warming or climate change?