Teresa Tomeo, Host of the "Catholic Connection" and "The Catholic View for Women"-August 23, 2018

Teresa Tomeo talks about the sex abuse scandal within the Catholic Church with Marie Osborne.

Dr. Joel Kahn- March 18, 2019

Dr. Joel Kahn tells Guy Gordon about the new study that is indicating that taking an asprin a day may not prevent heart attacks and strokes. 

Rep. Jeff Yaroch- March 15, 2019

State Rep. Jeff Yaroch talks with Guy Gordon about his idea on how we should fund our roads.

Chad Livengood, Detroit Reporter for Crain's Detroit Business- March 14, 2019

Chad Livengood tell Guy Gordon why we cant take money out of our Catastrophic Claims Fund to fix our roads. 

Eric Smith, Macomb County Prosecutor- March 14, 2019

Eric Smith talks with Guy Gordon about Michigans pay or stay cash bail system. 

Linda Kenyon, WJR Correspondent- March 14, 2019

Linda Kenyon talks about the Senate vote on the emergancy delcaration with Guy Gordon. 

Bill Ballenger, Editor of The Ballenger Report- March 13, 2019

Bill Ballenger talks about Joe Bidens possible 2020 run with Guy Gordon. 

Bryan Walsh, Writer for TIME Magazine- March 13, 2019

Bryan Walsh talks about cheating in college admissions with Guy Gordon. 

Jim Burg, President and CEO of the James Burg Trucking Company- March 12, 2019

Jim Burg talks about truck weight limits on Michigans roads with Guy Gordon.