Congressman Tim Walberg (7th District)- November 13, 2019

Congressman Tim Walberg talks with Guy Gordon about the open impeachment hearings. 

James Wallner- November 13, 2019

James Wallner, who covers congress for R Street, joins Guy Gordon to talk about the impeachment hearing. 

Rolf Lowe, Attorney at Wachler Law Firm- November 12, 2019

Rolf Lowe talks about HIPAA laws with Guy Gordon. 

Mike Howell, Senior Advisor for Executive Branch Relations at The Heritage Foundation- November 12, 2019

Mike Howell talks with Guy Gordon about the Supreme Courts decision to side with President Trump on DACA. 

Lomas Brown, Color Analyst for Lions Radio- November 11, 2019

Lomas Brown recaps the Lions vs. Bears game with Guy Gordon. 

Josh Blackman, Professor at South Texas College of Law- November 11, 2019

Josh Blackman previews the DACA hearing in the Supreme Court wth Guy Gordon. 

Bill Ballenger, Editor of The Ballenger Report- November 8, 2019

Bill Ballenger talks with Guy Gordon about what it could mean if Michael Bloomberg runs for president.