Matt Loria, CEO Auxiom- July 17, 2019

Matt Loria talks with Guy Gordon about the concerns with the new Face App.

Scott Benson, Detroit City Councilman- July 16, 2019

Scott Benson tells Guy Gordon why he wants restaurants to post their health certifications. 

Chad Livengood, Senior Editor of Politics, Policy and Detroit Rising for Crain's Detroit Business- July 16, 2018

Chad Livengood talks with Guy Gordon about low-income residents taht dont pay their $2-$4 co-pays. 

State Senator Jeff Irwin, D- Ann Arbor- July 16, 2019

Senator Jeff Irwin tells Guy Gordon about his legislation that woudl automatically clear cannabis offenses on criminal records. 

Matt Steffee, Project Manager for groups at Engagious- July 15, 2019

Matt Steffee talks with Guy Gordon about the focus group conducted in Warren about swing voters.

Congressman Paul Mitchell- July 15, 2019

Congressman Paul Mitchell talks with Guy Gordon about the Presidents tweet about Democratic Congresswomen. 

David Whalen, Brother of Paul Whalen- July 12, 2019

David Whalen updates Guy Gordon on his brother, Pauls, situation in Russia. 

State Rep. Isaac Robinson D- Detroit- July 12, 2019

State Rep. Isaac Robinson talks with Guy Gordon about his bill on Facial Recognition.