Rob Richie, President and CEO of - November 16, 2018

Rob Richie explains ranked choice voting to Guy Gordon and how it could save a lot of money and headache in close election races.

Tim Kelly, Representative from Delta County- December 14, 2018

The Michigan House passed a bill that would assign letter grades to schools. The author of the bill, Rep. Tim Kelly joins Guy to discuss the pros of this new bill.

Andy Arena, Former Detroit FBI Chief- December 14, 2018

Andy Arena joins Guy to discuss the bomb scares that have been circulating around the globe.

Jim Roope, Westwood One Correspondent in L.A.- December 13, 2018

California wants to put a tax on texting. What will that mean for cell carriers in that state?

Bob Costantini, Westwood One Correspondent- December 13, 2018

There is leftover money from the NAFTA deal, President Trump wants to use it for wall. 

Chuck Hersey, Senior Consultant OHM Advisers- December

GLWA and other water departments filed a law suit against the state against new lead standards.

Rick Snyder, Governor of Michigan- December 12, 2018

The Governor joins Guy to discuss his time running the state.

Kristin Dziczek, Vice President - Industry, Labor, & Economics at the Center for Automotive Research- December 11, 2018

Are more cuts coming to GM?  Kristin Dziczek joins Guy to discuss the future possibilities.

James Lower, Representative from Alma- December 11, 2018

Rep. Lower joins Guy to discuss the new happenings on the transparency, accountability petition.

Tom Zimnicki, Agriculture Policy Director- December 11, 2018

What changes will happen to the Clean Water Act? Tom Zimnicki joins Guy to discuss these possible changes.

Linda Kenyon, Westwood One Correspondent- December 12, 2018

Linda Kenyon joins Guy to discuss President Trump’s meeting with Pelosi and Schumer. Should the government be shut down? Listen to find out!

Debbie Dingell, Congresswoman from Dearborn- December 10, 2018

Why does Debbie Dingell want President Trump to visit the GM plants? What will this achieve? She joins Guy to explain

Lomas Brown, Color Commentator for the Detroit Lions- December 10, 2018

Lomas joins Guy to recap yesterday’s Lions win against the Arizona Cardinals.

Christina Martin, attorney at Pacific Legal Foundation- December 10, 2018

Uri Rafaeli’s house was taken by the government over $8.41 in unpaid taxes and know hes fighting back. Christina Martin is Rafaelis lawyer and joins Guy to talk about this case and why people should be aware of what the state can do.