Gina Sphen and Randy Frantz- June 13, 2019

Gina Spehn and Randy Frantz talk with Guy Gordon about the Hard Rock for Hope event that is next week.

Peter Henning, Professor at Wayne State University Law School-June 13, 2019

Peter Henning talks with Guy Gordon about how the state has dismissed criminal charges in the Flint Water Crisis. 

Bob Costantini, Correspondent in Washington D.C- June 13, 2019

Bob Costantini talks with Guy Gordon about how the President says he would accept foreign based information on his political opponent. 

Todd Flood, Former special prosecutor for the Flint Water Crisis- June 13, 2019

Todd Flood talks with Guy Gordon following the states dismissal of cirminial charges in the Flint Water Crisis. 

Steve Kastenbaum, WJR Correspondent in New York- June 12, 2019

Steve Kastenbaum talks about Jon Stewarts comments to congress about the 9/11 bill with Guy Gordon.

Chief James Craig, Detroit Police Chief- June 11, 2019

Cheif James Craig talks with Guy Gordon about how white supremacists groups wanted to make Detroit Charlottesville 2.0.

Paul Egan, Reporter for The Detroit Free Press- June 11, 2019

Paul Egan talks with how the new no-fault legislation savings on health coverage could be cancled out by higher liablity costs with Guy Gordon. 

Barb McQuade, Former US Attorney-June 11, 2019

Barb McQuade tells Guy Gordon about her testimony before the House Judiciary Committee.