Pam Eldred/ Ms. America of 1970 and Hillary Levey Freidman/ her daugther - June 9, 2018

Both Ms. Eldred and Ms. Hilary Levey Freidman discuss pagentry and the shift in judging the women for character and not just their beauty.

Allen Vigneron- Archbishop of Detroit Catholic Church- April 21st, 2019

Archbishop Vigneron joined the show with his annual Easter message.

Ken Davis, Author of Don't Know Much About The Bible- April 21st, 2019

A look at the days leading up to Easter? Was the Last Supper a Seder? Why does Christmas always fall on the same day but not Easter? 

Barbie Nadeau, Rome bureau chief for Newsweek Magazine- April 21st, 2019

Whats Easter like in Rome? Barbie Nadeau joined the show to discuss Roman traditions.

Steve Litt, Operations Manager for Michigan's Earth Day- April 21st, 2019

The 49th annual Earth Day is tomorrow. What progress has Michigan made in this year? What events are happening around the state? 

Robert Rockaway, Senior Lecturer in the Department of Jewish History- April 21st, 2019

Passover and Easter concided this year, how often does this occur? Robert Rockaway joined the show live from Israel to discuss the the similarities between these two holidays.

Jean- Francios Bedard- Associate Professor in Engineering at Syracuse University- April 20th, 2019

Notre Dame went up in flames on Monday afternoon which left the entire world in shock. How did this happen? Why was the structure so flammable? What type of materials could they use in the future so this doesnt happen again? Jean- Francios Bedard, Associate Professor in Engi...

Matt Lyson, Founder of the Michigan Duck Rescue and Sanctuary- April 20th, 2019

Matt Lyson joined the show to tell people to steer clear of buying baby ducks for Easter. They may be cute but they are a lot of work, not to mention against most city ordinances.