Mauri Ditzler - August 12, 2014

Dr. Mauri Ditzler, Albion College's new President says he is looking forward to running the Michigan college and he's impressed with the number of influential people who have graduated from the school.

Tom & Vicki Celani - November 24, 2014

Tom and Vicki Celani with the Celani Family Foundation: Tom and Vicki join Paul W to wrap up our ‘Hunger Free In The D’ event and give us the final total raised for Gleaners Community Food Bank and the Capuchin Soup Kitchen.

Tom Izzo - November 24, 2014

Tom Izzo, Head basketball coach with the Michigan State University Spartans: Tom chats with Paul W and Steve Courtney about the beginning of the Orlando Classic and how he sees the tournament breaking down for the Spartans.

Scott LaRiche & Rod Alberts - November 24, 2014

Scott LaRiche, Chairman of the 2015 North American International Auto Show and Rod Alberts, Executive Director of the Detroit Auto Dealers Association: Scott and Rod stop by to talk about ‘Hunger Free In The D’ and about the upcoming NAIAS and the Charity Preview.

David Girodat - November 24, 2014

David Girodat, President and CEO of Fifth Third Bank: David tells Paul W about Fifth Third’s support of ‘Hunger Free In The D’, and shows up with a check for Gleaners Community Food Bank and the Capuchin Soup Kitchen and then they discuss the annual Turkey Trot ...

Rick Snyder - November 24, 2014

Michigan Governor Rick Snyder: Governor Snyder calls Paul W from across the globe and several time zones to talk about his trade mission in China, about the business that he’s bringing back from China with him and what else he hopes to accomplish while he’s in China.

Mark Hackel and Joe & John Vicari - November 24, 2014

Mark Hackel, Macomb County Executive; Joe & John Vicari with the Vicari Restaurant Group: Mark talks with Paul W about the beginnings of ‘Hunger Free in The D’, why it’s important to support these types of charities in EVERY community and the upcoming &lsquo...

Mark Dantonio - November 24, 2014

Mark Dantonio, Head Coach for the Michigan State University Spartan football team: Coach Dantonio chats with Paul W and Steve Courtney about last Saturday’s final home game for the Spartans and the upcoming road game against Penn State.

Jerry Smith - November 24, 2014

Brother Jerry Smith with the Capuchin Soup Kitchen: Brother Smith talks with Paul W. Smith about today’s ‘Hunger Free In The D’ event, why it’s important to the Capuchins and how you can help feed a family in need this holiday season.

Gerry Brisson - November 24, 2014

Gerry Brisson, President of Gleaners Community Food Bank: Gerry stops by to talk to Paul W about the ‘Hunger Free In The D’ event going on today, why it’s important for organizations like Gleaners to have these events and how they help people in need throughout ...

Dario Bergamo - November 24, 2014

Dario Bergamo, President and CEO of The Globale Group: Dario tells Paul W about his connection with ‘Hunger Free In The D’, the upcoming Cars And Cigars 2 event and why it’s important to support great groups like Gleaners Community Food Bank and the Capuchin Sou...

Tom Celani - November 24, 2014

Tom Celani, founder of the Celani Family Foundation: Tom tells Paul W about today’s ‘Hunger Free In The D’ event with the Capuchin Soup Kitchen and Gleaners Community Food Bank, how it came about and how you can make a difference in someone’s life on Thank...

Mike O'Hara - November 24, 2014

Mike O’Hara, columnist with Mike talks to Paul W and Steve Courtney about ‘witnessing the horror’ of the Lions loss to the Patriots, what they think about the Lions offense and controversy surrounding Dominic Raiola.

Anthony Cupp - November 24, 2014

Anthony Cupp, 13-year-old who had his shoes stolen last week on his way home from school…when the weather was snowy and extremely cold: Anthony tells Paul W about what happened the day his shoes were taken from him by bullies, and how he getting his shoes replaced by local...

Mary Kramer - November 24, 2014

Mary Kramer, publisher of Crain’s Detroit Business: Mary spends her regular Monday visit with Paul W talking about Shinola bringing more jobs to the City, the Cities’ bankruptcy bills and a new place for cigar smokers to kick back and enjoy!

Brian Ross - November 21, 2014

Brian Ross, ABC Investigative Reporter tells Paul W. Smith consumers should be very careful using products sold on Craigslist because the company doesn't check to see whether they are defective.

Scott LaRiche - November 21, 2014

Scott LaRiche, Chairman of the North American International Auto Show talks to Paul W. Smith about last night's Covenant House Sleep-out and he says it was a very moving experience. He also asks Paul to be the Master of Ceremonies for the NAIAS Charity Preview and he ann...

Ron Kagan - November 21, 2014

Ron Kagan, Detroit Zoo Director talks to Paul W. Smith about this weekend's "Animal Welfare" symposium at the Detroit Zoo.

Mark Dantonio - November 21, 2014

Mark Dantonio, MSU Football Coach talks to Paul W. Smith & Steve Courtney about Saturday's last home game in East Lansing against Rutgers.

Allen Vigneron - November 21, 2014

Detroit Archbishop Allen Vigneron talks to Paul W. Smith about tonight's prayer vigil at Most Blessed Sacrement Cathedral for Christians in the Middle East and he says he is deeply concerned about their safety.

Tony Michaels - November 21, 2014

Tony Michaels, CEO of The Parade Company introduces the new theme song for this year's America's Thanksgiving Parade presented by Art Van on the Paul W. Smith Show. It's called: "Tell Me I'm Not Dreaming" written by Dan Yessian and sung by Cassaundra Fit...

Robert Gregory - November 21, 2014

Robert Gregory, President of the Detroit 300 Conservancy tells Paul W. Smith the holidays will officially begin tonight in Campus Martius with the formal lighting of the Christmas tree in the park.

Mike O'Hara - November 21, 2014

Mike O'Hara, Columnist talks to Paul W. Smith about this Sunday's Detroit Lions game against the New England Patriots and he says it's going to be fun to watch.

Mark Anderson - November 21, 2014

Major Mark Anderson of the Salvation Army tells Paul W. Smith they are kicking off their Red Kettle campaign in Downtown Detroit in Campus Martius and they hope to raise nine million dollars during this holiday season. To make a tax deductible contribution to The Salvation Army R...

Mark Fischetti - November 20, 2014

Mark Fischetti, Senior Editor for Climate & Weather, Scientific American explains to Paul W. Smith why the country is seeing unusual weather patterns like heavy snow in Buffalo or terrible storms in Oklahoma.

Barry Owens - November 20, 2014

Barry Owens, Treetops General Manager tells Paul W. Smith that due to the early snow, Treetops will be open for skiers this weekend.

Earl Cureton - November 20, 2014

Earl "The Twirl" Cureton, Former Detroit Piston talks to Paul W. Smith & Steve Courtney about another Pistons' loss.

Todd Flood - November 20, 2014

Todd Flood, Detroit area attorney talks to Paul W. Smith about the strange twists and turns in the Bob Bashara murder trial.

Frank McGeorge - November 20, 2014

Dr. Frank McGeorge, Henry Ford Medical Group Physician tells Paul W. Smith the rapid temperature change has an effect on the human body so it's important to keep an eye on seniors until their get used to the colder temperatures.

Tom Watkins - November 20, 2014

Tom Watkins, Former Michigan School Superintendent, CEO of the Detroit-Wayne County Mental Health Authority & Expert on China talks to Paul W. Smith about the importance of the Governor's trip to China and he also takes some time to talk about the plight of the homeless i...

Jordana Miller - November 19, 2014

Jordana Miller, ABC reporter: While Paul W attends to emcee duties at the 25th Annual Goodfellows Tribute Breakfast, honoring the Detroit Police Department, Jordana calls from Israel to talk to Steve Courtney about the horrific attacks at a synagogue in Jerusalem.  Jordana t...

Mike Duggan - November 19, 2014

Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan and Detroit Police Chief James Craig: Mayor Duggan and Chief Craig drop by the 25th Annual Goodfellows Tribute Breakfast, honoring the Detroit Police Department to show their support for the Goodfellows and also to talk a little business and about a pote...

Eddie Mio - November 19, 2014

Eddie Mio, former Detroit Red Wing: Eddie talks with Paul W and Steve Courtney about last night’s amazing Red Wing performance against the Blue Jackets, about Jimmy Howard’s performance during his 300th career game and about what’s on the horizon for the Winged ...

Rebecca Stoil - November 19, 2014

Rebecca Stoil, reporter with the Times of Israel: Rebecca calls in to Paul W with the latest details on the five people who were killed in a Jerusalem synagogue, the worst attack in the Holy City in 6 years, what she’s hearing from the scene and how she feels Israel will re...

Warren Evans - November 19, 2014

Warren Evans, Wayne County Executive Elect: Warren stops by the 25th Annual Goodfellows Tribute Breakfast, honoring the Detroit Police Department.  Warren tells Paul W about the feeling that seeing the Detroit turnaround gives him, about his outlook on the future of Wayne Co...

Scott Goldberg - November 19, 2014

Scott Goldberg, ABC reporter: Scott calls in to tell Paul W about the Oxford Dictionary’s Word Of The Year….’Vape’, what the word means and how it got voted as the word of the year.

Therese Yglesias - November 19, 2014

Therese Yglesias, Goodfellows President: Live from the 25th Annual Goodfellows Tribute Breakfast, honoring the Detroit Police Department, Therese tells Paul W that the Goodfellows have been making sure that every child has a Christmas for 100 years now and how you can help them t...

Gary Peters - November 18, 2014

Gary Peters is the only Freshman Democratic United States Senator-Elect and he talks to Paul W. Smith about the new session and his plans for the new year as he begins work with a largely Republican Congress.

Tom Wilson - November 18, 2014

Tom Wilson, Olympia Entertainment President & CEO tells Paul W. Smith they are very pleased that the NCAA has picked the new Detroit Red Wings arena as the spot for the 2018 NCAA men's basketball tournament.

William O'Neill - November 18, 2014

Dr. William O'Neill, Henry Ford Hospital Cardiologist talks to Paul W. Smith about two cholesterol lowering drugs, Zetia & Vytorin that were originally thought to be unsafe and he says new research shows they are actually very safe and effective.

Jim Ryan - November 18, 2014

ABC's Jim Ryan tells Paul W. Smith a State of Emergency has been declared in Ferguson, Missouri as the town awaits a decision by a grand jury looking into the shooting death of Michael Brown by Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson.

Melanie Duquesnel - November 18, 2014

Melanie Duquesnel, CEO of the Better Business Bureau tells Paul W. Smith new research indicates U.S. consumers plan to spend more on holiday shopping this year and she has some great advice for shoppers as they head out to area malls or open up their online browsers.