Mauri Ditzler - August 12, 2014

Dr. Mauri Ditzler, Albion College's new President says he is looking forward to running the Michigan college and he's impressed with the number of influential people who have graduated from the school.

Allan Lengel - March 2, 2015

Allan Lengel, Reporter tells Guy Gordon he was with a friend in Corktown on Saturday night when his friend's car was stolen and he says there were seven cars stolen in that area on Saturday. 

Tom Izzo - March 2, 2015

Tom Izzo, MSU Basketball Coach talks to Steve Courtney & Guy Gordon about MSU's disappointing loss to Wisconsin on Sunday and he says the Badgers played better.

Tony Grant - March 2, 2015

Tony Grant, Chief Operating Officer of Northern United Brewing Co. tells Guy Gordon & Steve Courtney there's another new restaurant featuring beer & pizza coming to Detroit's Midtown area. It's called the Jolly Pumpkin Pizzeria & Brewery and it opens this ...

Mark Anderson - March 2, 2015

Major Mark Anderson of the Salvation Army tells Guy Gordon that Friday's WJR Salvation Army Radiothon at the Emagine Theater raised close to 1.4 million dollars for the Army's Bed and Bread program.

Barbara McQuade - March 2, 2015

Barbara McQuade, United States Attorney for the Eastern District tells Guy Gordon that despite the fact that 17 people are behind bars in connection with a jewelry theft ring based in Detroit they are still looking for 16 other people who are doing the same thing. They are asking...

David Sowerby - March 2, 2015

David Sowerby, Loomis Sayles Vice-President & Senior Portfolio Manager talks to Guy Gordon about the jump in gas prices and he says the increase is related in part to supply and demand and he says the prices are still way below what we were paying a few years ago. 

John Rakolta & Tonya Allen - March 2, 2015

John Rakolta & Tonya Allen, Co-Chairs of the Coalition for Detroit School Children talk to Guy Gordon about the state of the Detroit school system and they say it is in serious financial trouble. They also say despite the fact that the student body has dec...

David Goldman - March 2, 2015

Dr. David Goldman, Henry Ford Hospital Ophthalmologist explains to Guy Gordon why people could not agree on the color of a dress that showed up on the internet late last week. He says the actual color is blue and black.

Mary Kramer - March 2, 2015

Mary Kramer, Publisher of Crain's Detroit Business has more details for WDIV's Guy Gordon on "rocket fiber," Dan Gilbert's new plan for high speed internet in downtown Detroit.

Geoffrey Fieger - February 27, 2015

Geoffrey Fieger, Detroit area attorney tells Paul W. Smith he's disappointed that the Detroit Athletic Club will not accept him as a member. 

Mark Reuss - February 26, 2015

Mark Reuss, General Motors Executive Vice-President, Global Product Development, Purchasing & Supply Chain tells Paul W. Smith the automaker is pleased that J.D. Power & Associates and Consumer Reports has recognized the company's vehicles. 

Mike Wendland - February 26, 2015

The Federal Communications Commission is going to vote today on "Net Neutrality" and most people aren't sure what this is so Paul W. Smith asked Mike Wendland of to put on his internet technology hat and explain this controversial issue. 

Steve Kastenbaum - February 26, 2015

Reporter Steve Kastenbaum talks to Paul W. Smith live from New York about the arrest of three suspects who were allegedley planning to leave the United States to join ISIS and if that plan didn't work they were then going to attack several places and people in the U.S.

Bill O'Neill - February 26, 2015

Dr. Bill O'Neill, Medical Director, Henry Ford Center for Structural Heart Disease, Henry Ford Hospital talks to Paul W. Smith about groundbreaking heart valve replacement surgery and he says the procedure is minimally invasive. 

Damon Keith - February 25, 2015

Paul W. Smith talks to Judge Damon Keith, one of Detroit's most highly respected judges who will be honored by the Detroit Symphony Orchestra in March. 

Patrick Colbeck - February 25, 2015

Senator Patrick Colbeck, Republican talks to Paul W. Smith about his plan to fix Michigan's roads. For more information go to

Ryan Nobles - February 25, 2015

Eddie Ray Routh has been found guilty for the murder of Chris Kyle & Chad Littlefield. Paul W. Smith talks to Correspondent Ryan Nobles about the late night verdict and he says the ex Marine will now spend the rest of his life behind bars. 

L. Brooks Patterson & Bill Pulte - February 25, 2015

Oakland County Executive L. Brooks Patterson & Bill Pulte, Pulte Capital Partners LLC & Founder of the Blight Authority talk to Paul W. Smith about their efforts to clean up blight in Pontiac. 

Ronna Romney McDaniel - February 25, 2015

Ronna Romney McDaniel, new Chairman of the Michigan Republican party talks to Paul W. Smith about her new job as leader of the GOP.

Mike Bouchard - February 24, 2015

Mike Bouchard, Oakland County Sheriff talks to Paul W. Smith about the 14 who old boy who allegedley threatened to attack students at Milford High School and he says this is a very serious case. He also warns county residents to watch out for coyotes roaming throughout several su...

Stewart Francke - February 24, 2015

Stewart Francke, long time Detroit area performer stops by the WJR Studios to talk with Paul W. Smith about his new CD called: "Midwestern: The Very Best of Stewart Francke 1995-2015."

Laurie McLaughlin - February 24, 2015

Laurie McLaughlin, Waitress at Alex's of Berkley talks to Paul W. Smith about the little boy who came into the restaurant and asked for help by writing a note and leaving it on the table.