Mark Hollis & David Brandon - November 1, 2013

Mark Hollis, Michigan State University Athletic Director & David Brandon, University of Michigan Athletic Director talk to Paul W. Smith about Saturday's big game in East Lansing.

Curtis Melby - December 19, 2014

In this edition of "Christmas on Us," Paul W. Smith salutes Air Force National Guardsman Curtis Melby and his family.

Chris Fisher - December 19, 2014

In this edition of "Christmas on Us," Paul W. Smith salutes Navy Petty Officer 2nd Class Chris Fisher and his family.

Teri Priebe - December 19, 2014

In this edition of "Christmas on Us," Paul W. Smith salutes Navy Chief Petty Officer Teri Priebe and her family.

Jerry Eagle - December 19, 2014

In this edition of "Christmas on Us," Paul W. Smith salutes Marine Gunnery Sgt. Jerry Eagle Jr. and his family.

Nick Hopkins - December 19, 2014

In this edition of "Christmas on Us," Paul W. Smith salutes Army Sgt. Nick Hopkins and his family.

Tom Izzo - December 19, 2014

Tom Izzo, MSU Basketball Coach talks to Paul W. Smith & Steve Courtney about the Spartans' big win against Eastern Michigan University earlier this week and the status of Brandon Dawson who fractured his wrist during that game.

Ron Weiser - December 19, 2014

Ron Weiser, Former United States Ambassador, Businessman & Philanthropist talks to Paul W. Smith about his 50 million dollar gift to the University of Michigan and he also has some interesting thoughts on the U of M Professor who wrote an article about her dislike for Republi...

Tim Greimel - December 19, 2014

Tim Greimel, Democratic Leader of the State House talks to Paul W. Smith just a few minutes after state lawmakers agreed to a funding package to fix Michigan's roads.

Mike O'Hara - December 19, 2014

Mike O'Hara, Columnist tells Paul W. Smith & Steve Courtney he's absolutely sure the Detroit Lions are going to beat the Chicago Bears this weekend.

Henry Payne - December 19, 2014

Henry Payne of The Detroit News tells Paul W. Smith why the Ford F 150 pick-up truck is the paper's "Vehicle of the Year."

Rick Snyder - December 19, 2014

Breaking News - The Michigan Legislature has approved a road funding deal. Paul W. Smith talks to Governor Rick Snyder who worked through the night and says he's glad they could work something out.

Matthew Sims - December 18, 2014

Michigan is dealing with a flu outbreak and some hospitals are starting to restrict visitors to help keep the flu virus under control. Paul W. Smith gets some important advice from Dr. Matthew Sims, Director of Infectious Diseases Research at William Beaumont Hospital o...

Paul Glantz - December 18, 2014

Paul Glantz, Foudner & Owner of Emagine Theaters talks to Paul W. Smith about Sony's decision to cancel "The Interview" and he says he knows it was a tough one.

Earl Cureton - December 18, 2014

In the edition of "Pistons Insider," Earl "The Twirl" Cureton talks to Paul W. Smith & Steve Courtney about the Pistons tough loss last night.

Bill Schuette - December 18, 2014

Bill Schuette, Michigan's Attorney General tells Paul W. Smith several people have been indicted on second-degree murder in the 2012 fungal meningitis outbreak that killed 64 people nationwide, including 23 Michigan residents.

Frank McGeorge - December 18, 2014

Dr. Frank McGeorge, Henry Ford Medical Group Physician tells Paul W. Smith that when it comes to spreading viral and bacterial infections some people are actually much more contagious than others.

Peter Trumbore - December 18, 2014

Peter Trumbore, Ph.D, Oakland University Associate Professor of Political Science talks to Paul W. Smith about the U.S. & Cuba moving toward restoring diplomatic relations and he has an interesting outlook on how the relationship will develop.

Eric Larson - December 17, 2014

Eric Larson, President & CEO of Larson Realty talks to Paul W. Smith about his company's big plans for the old Tiger Stadium site.

Tom Anastos - December 17, 2014

Tom Anastos, MSU Hockey Coach makes a guest appearance on this week's edition of "Red Wings Weekly" to talk about "College Hockey in the D" as the 50th Anniversary of the Great Lakes Invitational gets underway on Sunday, Dec. 28 and Monday, Dec. 29 at...

Jase Bolger - December 17, 2014

Jase Bolger, Miohigan's Speaker of the House explains to Paul W. Smith why there's a lot of controversy on how to fund and fix the state's rough roads.

Debbie Dingell - December 17, 2014

Congressman John Dingell remains hospitalized with a hip fracture and Paul W. Smith talks to Congresswoman Elect Debbie DIngell about her husband's condition.

Tom Rivers - December 17, 2014

ABC's Tom Rivers has a live update for Paul W. Smith from the International Desk in London about the violent Taliban attack on children in a Pakistan school.

"Letter to a Friend" - December 16, 2014

Fra Giovanni's "Letter to a Friend" read by Paul W. Smith's Dad, William D. Smith.

Maura Corrigan - December 16, 2014

Maura Corrigan, Outgoing Director of the Michigan Department of Human Services tells Paul W. Smith she is proud of the work she has done as the leader of the department and she thinks Michigan's children are safer today and she hopes the state's leaders continue to make c...

John Truscott - December 16, 2014

John Truscott, a member of the Michigan State Capitol Commission explains to Paul W. Smith why Satanists have been given permission to have a display on the Capitol's lawn before Christmas.

Wes Raynal - December 16, 2014

Wes Raynal, Autoweek Editor announces "Autoweek's" Best Truck of the Year for 2015 on the Paul W. Smith Show and he tells Paul it's the GMC Canyon.

Paul W. Smith & Bill Bonds - December 16, 2014

Paul W. Smith's last conversation with Former Channel 7 Anchor Bill Bonds and it's an entertaining one!

"Menorah in the D" - December 16, 2014

The Shemtov's talk with Paul W. Smith about the "Menorah in the D" Lighting in Campus Martius and they say it will be a great event for the entire family.

Val Clark - December 15, 2014

Val Clark, Former Channel 7 Anchor has an entertaining conversation with Paul W. Smith about the life of Bill Bonds and she says he was a great newsman.

Robert Young & Bridget McCormack - December 15, 2014

Paul W. Smith talks to Michigan Supreme Court Justices Robert Young and Bridget McCormack about 2014 and they say they are working hard to make the judicial system as efficient as possible.

Robbie Timmons - December 15, 2014

Robbie Timmons, Former Channel 7 Co-Anchor talks to Paul W. Smith about Bill Bonds. Robbie worked with Bill for more than ten years and she tells Paul he was great to work with.

Nolan Finley - December 15, 2014

Nolan Finley, Detroit News Editorial Page Editor talks to Paul W. Smith about his Sunday column where he takes a look at Detroit's comeback and wonders why there aren't more blacks involved in the city's resurgence.

Tom Rivers - December 15, 2014

Syndey, Australia is dealing with a hostage situation at the Lindt Chocolate Cafe on this Monday morning and Paul W. Smith checks in with Tom Rivers live from the ABC International Desk for an update.

Mike O'Hara - December 15, 2014

The Detroit Lions are on top of the NFC North on this Monday morning. Paul W. Smith & Steve Courtney talk to Mike O'Hara, Columnist about the Lions' important 16-14 win against the Minnesota Vikings.

Mary Kramer - December 15, 2014

Mary Kramer, Publisher of Crain's Detroit Business tells Paul W. Smith there's several new restaurants popping up in Detroit and she says there's a lot of buzz surrounding  "Hop Cat."