Mark Dantonio - November 4, 2013

Mark Dantonio, MSU Football Coach talks to Paul W. Smith & Steve Courtney about MSU's big win against Michigan on Saturday.

Wesley Clark - April 20, 2015

General Wesley Clark, Retired U.S. Army Four Star General is coming to Detroit and he talks first to Paul W. Smith. He tells Paul that he will be talking about unrest in the Ukraine when he speaks to the Detroit Economic Club on April 28th. For more information go to ec...

Mark Fields - April 20, 2015

Mark Fields, Ford Motor Company President & CEO talks to Paul W. Smith live from Shanghai, China and he says the China market is very important for the automaker.

Mark Dantonio - April 20, 2015

Mark Dantonio, MSU Football Coach says it's time to play some spring football and he invites Paul W. Smith, Steve Courtney & their listeners to come out and enjoy the fun Saturday, April 25th. Broadcast time on WJR is 1:30pm.

J. T. Tulloch - April 20, 2015

J.T. Tulloch, George P. Johnson Senior Vice-President talks to Paul W. Smith live from the Shanghai auto show and he says the show floor is looking good.

Gene Gargaro - April 20, 2015

Gene Gargaro, Chairman of the Board at the Detroit Institute of Arts talks to Paul W. Smith about A. Alfred Taubman's significant contribution to the arts.

Doron Levin - April 20, 2015

Doron Levin, Detroit area journalist, contributor to Fortune and talks to Paul W. Smith live from Shanghai, China where he is attending the auto show and he says this show is a very important one for the auto industry.

Erik Berkman - April 20, 2015

Erik Berkman, Chairman for the SAE 2015 World Congress & Honda North America Executive Vice-President talks to Paul W. Smith about this year's SAE conference at Cobo in Detroit and he says it's a great time to be involved in the engineering and auto business.

Mary Kramer - April 20, 2015

Mary Kramer, Publisher of Crain's Detroit Business talks to Paul W. Smith about A. Alfred Taubman and she says he was a generous man who made a big impact on the Detroit area community.

Mike Hayes - April 17, 2015

Mike Hayes, Chairman of the Great Lakes Bay Art Alliance: Mike stops by to talk to Paul W about the arts scene in the Bay area, the new season for the Midland Center for the Arts and why it’s a great time of year to take your family to the Midland area.

Keith Pretty - April 17, 2015

Keith Pretty, President and CEO of Northwood University: Keith drops by the H Hotel to talk with Paul W about the Midland area, what a great region it is to visit and the latest update from Northwood University (including the university’s auto show coming in October).

Bob Costanini - April 17, 2015

Bob Costanini, CNN reporter: Bob updates Paul W on the story of the postal worker who landed the gyrocopter on the lawn of the Capital and how this affects security in and around the entire capital.

Kurt Heise - April 17, 2015

Kurt Heise, Republican State Representative from Plymouth: Representative Heise checks in with Paul W about domestic violence legislation he’s introduced after the tragic killings in Eastpointe of a mother and her two children by their husband and father.

Tim Shelton - April 17, 2015

Tim Shelton, Director of Marketing & Sales for the H Hotel & Chairman of the Board for the Great Lakes Regional Convention and Visitors Bureau: Tim drops by to see Paul W at the H Hotel to talk about why we should all visit Michigan’s Bay region, what the ‘H&r...

Mike Duggan - April 17, 2015

Mike Duggan, Mayor of the City of Detroit: Mayor Duggan calls in to talk to Paul W about Monday’s Fuel Detroit event, the state of mass transit in Detroit and the region and about his involvement with the City Council’s vote on the new Red Wings Arena.   &n...

Andrea Fischer Newman - April 17, 2015

Andrea Fischer Newman, Senior Vice President – Government Affairs with Delta Airlines and Regent at University of Michigan: Andrea tells Paul W about the Board of Regents meeting that was disrupted yesterday by a group called ‘By Any Means’.  

Roy Wilson - April 17, 2015

Roy Wilson, Wayne State University President: President Wilson calls in to tell Paul W about The Baroudeur, a 100 mile urban cycling event to raise scholarship money for Wayne State student in financial need.    

Maureen Donker - April 17, 2015

Maureen Donker, Mayor of Midland, Michigan: Mayor Donker stops by to talk to Paul W about Midland Michigan, what you can expect when you visit Midland and the Reece Endeavour organization that provides affordable homes for people with special needs.

David Shepardson - April 16, 2015

David Shepardson of the Detroit News talks to Paul W. Smith about his front page story in the paper today indicating that U.S. bankruptcy Judge Robert Gerber has issued a ruling that shields General Motors from lawsuits that could have cost the automaker billions of dollars.

Andy Hetzel - April 16, 2015

Andy Hetzel. Vice-President of Corporate Communications for Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan talks to Paul W. Smith about "Kids Opening Day" on Sunday, April 19th. For more information go to

Earl Cureton - April 16, 2015

The Pistons season has ended and Earl "The Twirl" Cureton does his final interview of the season with Paul W. Smith & Steve Courtney.

Sanjay Gupta - April 16, 2015

Dr. Sanjay Gupta continues his work studying the issue of medical marijuana use throughout the country and he talks to Paul W. Smith about part three of his series: "Weed 3: The Marijuana Revolution" airing Sunday, April 19th.

Frank McGeorge - April 16, 2015

Dr. Frank McGeorge, Henry Ford Medical Group Physician tells Paul W. Smith it takes longer to get out of shape than you think.

Mary Beth Kelly - April 16, 2015

Michigan Supreme Court Justice Mary Beth Kelly releases a new report called: "Solving Problems, Saving Lives" on the Paul W. Smith show.

Charlie Leocha - April 16, 2015

Charlie Leocha of "Travelers United" tells Paul W. Smith the federal government is looking into whether smaller airplane seats are endangering passengers by causing health problems and making it tougher to deplane during an emergency. 

Jon Cryer - April 15, 2015

Jon Cryer, Emmy winning actor, screenwriter, film director and film producer, best known for his work in "Pretty in Pink" and "Two and a Half Men" has written a new book called "So That Happened: A Memoir." Paul W. Smith has a very entertaining conve...

Robin Terry - April 15, 2015

Robin Terry, Motown Museum CEO & Berry Gordy's niece invites Paul W. Smith and his listeners to become members of the Motown Museum in Detroit. For more information go to

Michael Bouchard - April 15, 2015

Oakland County Sheriff Michael Bouchard tells Paul W. Smith he is very concerned about the huge increase in the number of heroin laced with fentanyl deaths. He also takes the time to talk with Paul about a new sheriff's program for kids in Pontiac. 

Todd Varnum - April 15, 2015

Todd Varnum, owner of "Green Light Detroit" talks to Paul W. Smith about his amazing job changing lightbulbs on some of Detroit's tallest buildings. His latest job was high atop the Penobscot Building changing the red orb.

Diane Cross - April 15, 2015

Diane Cross, M-DOT Spokeswoman says not only does spring bring warmer temperatures, sunny skies and baseball but it also means that the orange barrels are out throughout the state. In this interview she warns Paul W. Smith about some of the key construction sites. For m...

Randy Gillary - April 15, 2015

Randy Gillary, Detroit area attorney tells Paul W. Smith April is Michigan Athlete Cardiac Awareness Month.

David Leider - April 15, 2015

Paul W. Smith talks to David Leider, CEO of Gas Station TV who says they are looking forward to moving their offices into Detroit.