Lou Anna Simon - December 9, 2013

Lou Anna Simon, MSU President talks to Paul W. Smith about the Spartans' Big Ten Championship win on Saturday and their upcoming trip to the Rose Bowl and she says it's good for the entire state of Michigan.

Jerry Green - January 30, 2015

Jerry Green, Former Detroit News Sports Reporter talks to Paul W. Smith & Steve Courtney about the Superbowl and he says he's picking the Seattle Seahawks to win the big game by a close margin.

Gregory Eaton - January 30, 2015

Gregory Eaton, Lansing Businessman and Philanthropist tells Paul W. Smith he is thrilled to be attending his 49th Superbowl.

Debbie Stabenow - January 30, 2015

United States Senator Debbie Stabenow talks to Paul W. Smith about her recent visit to Cuba and she says she met Fidel Castro's brother and talked to officials about having Michigan milk imported to the country. 

Frank McGeorge - January 30, 2015

Dr. Frank McGeorge, Henry Ford Medical Group Physician tells Paul W. Smith there's new research indicating that high intensity exercise in short bursts may be better for you than regular aerobic exercise. 

Jay Timmons - January 30, 2015

Jay Timmons, President & CEO of the National Association of Manufacturers will be in town next week to speak to the Detroit Economic Club about manufacturing in the United States and he tells Paul W. Smith there are currently 600,000 unfilled manufacturing jobs in this countr...

Dustin Block - January 29th, 2015

Dustin Block, MLive editor for Detroit and Lansing: Dustin welcomes Paul W to MLive Headquarters and talks about Michigan’s roads, an important topic of conversation that we’ll all be paying close attention to as the May vote comes up.

Ken Hayward - January 29th, 2015

Ken Hayward, Executive Vice President and Managing Director of Grand Hotel: Ken checks in with Paul W about the upcoming season at Grand Hotel.  It’s just around the corner and Ken tells us about what’s new and what to expect on the Island this year.

Brad Williams - January 29th, 2015

Brad Williams, Vice President of Government Relations, Detroit Regional Chamber: Brad stops by MLive Headquarters to talk with Paul W about the impending Michigan road vote, how the Chamber’s goal is to educate voters about the proposal and why it’s important.

David Seaman - January 29th, 2015

David Seaman, Executive Director of the Michigan Hospital Associaton: David drops in to MLive Headquarters to chat about Michigan’s health, the Healthy Michigan Plan and how the Michigan Hospital Association is working to make Michigan an overall healthier state.

David Mengebier - January 29th, 2015

David Mengebier, Consumer’s Energy’s Senior Vice President of Governmental and Public Affairs: David drops by MLive Headquarters to chat with Paul W about the state of Michigan’s energy policy, how investing in the next generation of power plants is important an...

Rick Snyder - January 29th, 2015

Michigan Governor Rick Snyder: Governor Snyder calls in to talk with Paul W about his feelings on the road funding deal that will be voted on on May 5th, why he feels a yes vote on this proposal is the right thing for Michigan and how he feels about President Obama’s propos...

Earl 'The Twirl' Cureton - January 29, 2015

Earl ‘The Twirl’ Cureton, former Pistons great: ‘Twirl’ chats with Paul W and Steve Courtney about last night’s loss to the 76er’s, how the loss of Brandon Jennings is affecting the team and where he sees the team heading from here.

Arlan Meekhof - January 29, 2015

Senator Arlan Meekhof, Republican, 30th State Senate District, Ottawa County: Senator Meekhof (who replaced Randy Richardville as Senate Majority Leader) stops by MLive Headquarters to talk with Paul W about fixing the roads, how we’ll fund fixing the roads and how he sees ...

Virg Bernero - January 29th, 2015

Lansing Mayor Virg Bernero: Since Paul W’s in Lansing this morning, there’s no better time to check in with Lansing Mayor Virg Bernero.  Virg tells Paul about his ‘State Of The City’ address tonight and his famous honey butter…that Paul W crave...

Mark Fields - January 29, 2015

Mark Fields, Ford Motor Company CEO: Mark checks in with Paul W about this morning’s Ford earnings statement, how he feels that 2015 will be an even stronger year for Ford and manages to become the highest paid sports-caster in WJR history!

James Robinson - January 29, 2015

James Robinson, Executive Vice-President, Farm Bureau Insuance of Michigan: James chats with Paul W about this weekend’s MSU basketball game, about how the past year has been for Farm Bureau Insurance of Michigan and about February being ‘Insure Your Love’ month...

David West - January 29, 2015

David West, Vice-President, Travel Michigan: David stops by MLive Headquarters to talk to Paul W about his ‘listening tour’ of Michigan cities, the travel numbers for 2013 (2014 numbers won’t be released until this year’s Governor’s Conference) and h...

Mitch Albom - January 28, 2015

WJR's Mitch Albom talks to Paul W. Smith about his new project with Lions' Quaterback Matthew Stafford and he says they are investing in Detroit's future by helping the city's children. 

Mike Bouchard - January 28, 2015

Oakland County Sheriff Mike Bouchard talks to Paul W. Smith about the county's new 911 texting option and he has important advice on how to use the system.

Mark Moyad - January 28, 2015

Dr. Mark Moyad, Co-Director for the Men's Health program at the University of Michigan is an expert in men's health and he has great advice for Paul W. Smith on supplements. He has also written a book on the subject called:" The Supplement Handbook: A Trusted Ex...

Graham Dodge - January 28, 2015

Graham Dodge, CEO of Sickweather.com talks to Paul W. Smith about the illness tracker website and app that gives people a good idea where the latest illnesses are around the country. For more information go to www.sickweather.com.

Kenneth Feinberg - January 27, 2015

Kenneth Feinberg, General Motors' Compensation Advisor tells Paul W. Smith he has approved 50 death claims related to faulty GM ignition swtiches. 

Steve Kastenbaum - January 27, 2015

Correspondent Steve Kastenbaum talks to Paul W. Smith live from New York and he says there's not as much snow in the city as originally predicted. 

Stephen Goldman - January 27, 2015

Stephen Goldman. Executive Director of the Holocaust Memorial Center tells Paul W. Smith that on this International Holocaust Remembrance Day the Farmington Hills museum is showing a special movie called " Watchers of the Sky."

Candice Miller - January 27, 2015

Congresswoman Candice Miller talks to Paul W. Smith about border security and she says its crutial that we make every effort to keep our borders safe. 

J J Przewozniak - January 27, 2015

To commemorate the 70th anniversary of the Liberation of Auschwitz, J J Przewozniak, U.S. Project Manager for Forbidden Art talks to Paul W. Smith about the Polish Mission of the Orchard Lake Schools' exclusive partnership with the Auschwitz-Birkenau State Muse...

Asia Newson - January 27, 2015

11 year old Asia Newson, one of Detroit's youngest entrepreneur's talks to Paul W. Smith about her candle making business.

Tom Izzo- January 26, 2015

Tom Izzo, Michigan State University Basketball Coach talks to Paul W. Smith & Steve Courtney about the Spartans' disappointing 79-77 loss to Nebraska over the weekend and he also says they are keeping a close eye on the weather as they prepare to head east to take on Rutg...

Roger Curtis - January 26, 2015

Roger Curtis, Michigan International Speedway President kicks off the MIS season on WJR with Paul W. Smith and he says the "Faster Horses Festival" in July is going to be a hot ticket.

Scott LaRiche - January 26, 2015

Scott LaRiche, Chairman of the North American International Auto Show tells Paul W. Smith more than eight hundred thousand people attended this year's show and that's good news for the auto industry and the city of Detroit.

Mary Kramer - January 26, 2015

Mary Kramer, Publisher of Crain's Detroit Business talks to Paul W. Smith about the top business stories in and around the Detroit area.