Mike Duggan - December 16, 2013

Mike Duggan spent time at the White House on Friday with President Obama & Vice-President Joe Biden and the Detroit Mayor Elect tells Paul W. Smith there's a tremendous amount of good will in Washington D-C for the city of Detroit.

Dayna Clark & Carole Kowalcyk - April 24, 2014

WJR's Dayna Clark and Dr. Carole Kowalcyk, a Reproductive Endocrinologist, Fertility Expert and Owner of The Michigan Center for Fertility and Women's Health talk to Steve Courtney about their new show called: "Today's Woman" starting tonight at 7pm on WJR.

Barbara McQuade - April 24, 2014

Barbara McQuade, U.S. Attorney for Michigan's Eastern District talks to Steve Courtney about the indictment handed up against a popular Detroit area priest and his former church employee.

Mike O'Hara - April 24, 2014

Mike O'Hara of DetroitLions.com talks to Steve Courtney about the Lions' 2014 season and he says it will be exciting for the players and the fans.

Frank McGeorge - April 24, 2014

Dr. Frank McGeorge, Henry Ford Medical Group Physician tells Steve Courtney that when it comes to cancer there's very little medical evidence that fruits and vegetables are protective or that fatty foods are bad.

Tom Rivers - April 24, 2014

ABC's Tom Rivers talks to Steve Courtney live from the London Interntional Desk and he says the search continues for the missing Malaysian plane and at this point authorities have no idea where it is.

Aaron Katersky - April 23, 2014

ABC's Aaron Katersky talks to Steve Courtney about General Motors' latest legal maneuvers that seek to shield the automaker from legal liabilities tied to the pre bankruptcy GM.

Bill Schuete - April 23, 2014

Bill Schuette, Michigan's Attorney General talks to Steve Courtney about Tuesday's United States Supreme Court ruling on Michigan's affirmative action ban and he says the court has decided that the voice of the people rules.

Jiri Fischer - April 23, 2014

Jiri Fischer, Former Detroit Red Wing talks to Steve Courtney in this edition of "Red Wings Weekly."

Neal Rubin - April 23, 2014

Neal Rubin, Detroit News Columnist invites Steve Courtney & his listeners to Bookstock which runs April 27 - May 4 at Livonia's Laurel Park Place.

Randy Gillary - April 23, 2014

Randy Gillary, Founder of the Kimberly Ann Gillary Foundation tells Steve Courtney April is Michigan Student Athletic Cardiac Awareness Month and he says it's important for every school to have a defibrillator on hand in case of a cardiac emergency.

John Bursch - April 23, 2014

John Bursch, Michigan's Former Solicitor General argued in favor of Michigan's affirmative action ban before the Supreme Court and he explains his position to Steve Courtney.

Tom Rivers - April 23, 2014

Tom Rivers talks to Steve Courtney live from ABC's International Desk in London about the difficult search for victims of the South Korean ferry disaster.

Robert Ficano - April 22, 2014

Wayne County Executive Robert Ficano tells Paul W. Smith why he has decided to run again.

Robin Boyle - April 22, 2014

Robin Boyle, Wayne State University Professor of Urban Studies and Planning tells Paul W. Smith he is going to teach a class on Detroit's bankruptcy called: "Detroit: Metropolis in Transition." For more information call (313) 577-4682.

K.C. Crain - April 22, 2014

K.C. Crain, Vice-President & Publisher of the Crain Communications Automotive Group & Autoweek tells Paul W. Smith Ford's transition plan has been in place for some time and it's no surprise that Ford CEO Alan Mulally will be leaving his position soon.

Aaron Katersky - April 22, 2014

ABC's Aaron Katersky tells Paul W. Smith security was tight and everything went extremely well at Monday's Boston Marathon.

Tom Rivers - April 22, 2014

ABC's Tom Rivers talks to Paul W. Smith live from the International Desk in London about the tragic sinking of the South Korean ferry and he says the grim task of searching for victims continues.

David Farbman - April 21, 2014

David Farbman, Partner in NAI Farbman, Founder and Chairman of Carbon Media Group, CEO of Nuco Health has written a new book called: "The Hunt: Target, Track and Attain Your Goals" and he tells Paul W. Smith the book is filled with business and practical advice for life...

Scott LaRiche - April 21, 2014

Scott LaRiche, Chairman of the North American International Auto Show talks to Paul W. Smith live from the Beijing Motor Show and he says the Chinese show is huge and it's an important market for the U.S. automakers.

Mark Dantonio - April 21, 2014

Mark Dantonio, MSU Football Coach tells Paul W. Smith and Steve Courtney he is looking forward to this weekend's Spring football game in East Lansing and he hopes everyone has a chance to come out and see the team.

Ruth Johnson - April 21, 2014

Ruth Johnson, Michigan Secretary of State tells Paul W. Smith she is going to seek a second term because there's more work to be done.

M. L. Elrick - April 21, 2014

M.L. Elrick, Fox 2 Detroit Investigative Reporter tells Paul W. Smith a Detroit lawmaker is under scrutiny for allegedley moving out of the district he represents. He also has the latest information on the legal problems surrounding Detroit City Council President Pro Tem George C...

Mike Manley - April 21, 2014

Mike Manley, President and Chief Executive Officer of the Jeep Brand and Lead Executive for International Operations at Chrysler Group LLC. talks to Paul W. Smith live from the Beijing Motor Show and he says the automaker is introducing several new jeeps in China.

Mary Kramer - April 21, 2014

Mary Kramer, Publisher of Crain Detroit Business talks to Paul W. Smith about the top stories in and around the Detroit area.

Tom Rifai - April 18, 2014

Dr. Tom Rifai, St. Joseph Mercy Oakland Medical Director tells Steve Courtney that Americans are eating too much salt and it wouldn't take much of an adjustment to the diet to bring those levels down.

Daniel Howes - April 18, 2014

Daniel Howes of the Detroit News has an interesting conversation with Steve Courtney about the public's perception of General Motors.

Allen Vigneron - April 18, 2014

Archbishop Allen Vigneron talks to Steve Courtney on Good Friday and he offers a special blessing for the Detroit area.

Tom Rivers - April 18, 2014

ABC's Tom Rivers talks to Steve Courtney live from ABC's International Desk in London about the capsized ferry in South Korea and he says the rescue effort has been hampered by rough seas and bad weather.

Katherine Schwarzenegger - April 18, 2014

Katherine Schwarzenegger, the daughter of Arnold Schwarzenegger has written a new book for college graduates and their parents called: "I JUST GRADUATED.....NOW WHAT: Honest Answers From Those That Have Been There" and she tells Steve Courtney the book is designed to he...