Ken Meade, Gordon Stewart and Bob Thibodeau - January 14, 2014

pKen Meade Meade Lexus Owner Gordon Stewart CEO of the Stewart Management Group & Bob Thibodeau Former Car Dealership Owner talk to Paul W. Smith about the 25th Anniversary of the NAIAS.p

John Lott - October 13, 2015

pspan styleline-height 20.8pxJohn Lott President of the Crime Prevention Rspanspan styleline-height 20.8pxesearch Center is testifying in Lansing today as lawmakers consider a change to Michigans gun laws and he tells Paul W. Smith he will tell the Senate that people should be al...

Rochelle Riley - October 13, 2015

pRochelle Riley of the Detroit Free Press talks to Paul W. Smith about an unique fundraising effort tied to the big U of M - MSU football match up that would raise money to test rape kits in Wayne County. p

James Craig - October 13, 2015

pspan styleline-height 20.8pxDetroit Police Chief James Craig tells Paul W. Smith crime in Detroit is dropping and that includes carjackings but he says even one carjacking is one too many.spanp

Mike Green - October 13, 2015

pState Senator Mike Green Republican talks to Paul W. Smith about his open carry gun legislation that will be debated in Lansing and around Michigan today.p

Bill Ballenger - October 13, 2015

pBill Ballenger Editor of Inside Michigan Politics talks to Paul W. Smith about the first Democratic Presidential debate and he says tonights event will give the little known candidates a chance to make themselves more well known.p

Gary Heminger - October 12, 2015

pGary Heminger President & CEO of Marathon Petroleum talks to Paul W. Smith about the importance of the state of Michigan as it relates to Marathon Petroleum and says that the increase in U.S. production for crude oil is here to stay. Gary Heminger is speaking to the D...

Jeff Holyfield - October 12, 2015

pAmid the Veterans Day 5050 Raffle controversy Jeff Holyfield a spokesman for the Michigan Lottery talks to Paul W. Smith about the significance of being able to work out a licensing agreement with the National Guard Association of Michigan to send 3% of the Veter...

Dan Loepp - October 12, 2015

pBlue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan President & CEO Dan Loepp joins Paul W. Smith to discuss the 43rd annual SOCK (Support Our Capuchin Kitchen) dinner taking place October 16 in the Grand Riverview Ballroom at the Cobo Center in Detroit.p

Mark Dantonio - October 12, 2015

pMichigan State football coach Mark Dantonio joins Paul W. Smith and Steve Courtney to discuss Saturdays late game win at Rutgers as well as his undefeated Spartans upcoming game against rival Michigan.p

Mary Kramer - October 12, 2015

pMary Kramer Publisher of Crains Detroit Business tells Paul W. Smith that Detroits Focus Hope organization is suspending new enrollment in its workforce training programs due to a lack of funding.p

John Engler - October 12. 2015

pFormer Michigan Governor John Engler calls into the Paul W. Smith Show to discuss the No Labels Problem Solver Convention in New Hampshire that aims to bring together presidential candidates from both parties so that they can work together and agree on goals that will un...

Mike O'Hara - October 12, 2015 Contributor Mike OHara joins Paul W. Smith and Steve Courtney to discuss the Lions 42-17 home loss to the Arizona Cardinals.p

Bill Ford - October 9, 2015

pExecutive Chairman of Ford Motor Company Bill Ford calls into the Paul W. Smith Show to talk about receiving the Ambassador for Humanity award as well as Ford Motor Companys volunteer core which has logged over one million hours of community service in over 40 countries.p

Greg Russell - October 9, 2015

pGreg Russell from Movie Show Plus talks to Paul W. Smith about his movie reviews for Pan and Steve Jobs.p

Mark Dantonio - October 9, 2015

pMichigan State football coach Mark Dantonio calls Paul W. Smith to discuss the Spartans 5-0 start and the challenges of going on the road to face Rutgers in a night game this Saturday.p

Christopher Ilitch and Mike Duggan - October 9, 2015

pPresident & CEO of Ilitch Holdings Inc. & Chairman of Ilitch Charities Christopher Ilitch and Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan join Paul W. Smith live from the 26th Annual Goodfellows Tribute Breakfast to discuss the ongoing development of The District Detroit. Ilitch says de...

Rick Snyder - October 9, 2015

pMichigan Governor Rick Snyder joins Paul W. Smith live from the 26th Annual Goodfellows Tribute Breakfast to discuss the current water situation in Flint.p

Mike O'Hara - October 9, 2015 Contributor Mike OHara talks to Paul W. Smith about the Lions upcoming home game against the Arizona Cardinals and predicts a 26-17 Lions victory.p

Emily Schmidt - October 9, 2015

pCNNs Emily Schmidt joins Paul W. Smith to discuss the Tunisian National Dialogue Quartet winning the 2015 Nobel Peace Prize for helping rescue the country from civil war.p

Nancy Foran - October 9, 2015

pPresident of the Detroit Goodfellows Nancy Foran joins Paul W. Smith live from the 26th Annual Goodfellows Tribute Breakfast. Foran discusses the Goodfellows ongoing mission to provide clothes books toys food and other basic necessities to the children of Detroit.p

Debbie Dingell - October 9, 2015

pCongresswoman Debbie Dingell joins Paul W. Smith and tells him that her husband John Dingell is doing fine after his heart surgery.p

Andra Rush - October 8, 2015

pAndra Rush Founder President & CEO of Rush Group LLC and Don Snell DST Industries Vice President of Operations Andra and Don are two of the main sponsors of Women Who Lead and stop by to congratulate all the honorees.p

Jane Englehart - October 8, 2015

pJane Englehart Director of Advertising for the Ford Dealers  Jane is one of the honorees at the 5supthsup Annual Women Who Lead Breakfast and tell Paul W about helping the Ford Dealers in the Metro Detroit area with their advertising.p

Lisa Price - October 8, 2015

pLisa Price Co-Founder of Jack&rsquos Place for Autism Lisa who was nominated by her husband Tiger Announcer Jim Price as one of the honorees at the 5supthsup Annual Women Who Lead Breakfast Lisa tells Paul W about getting an organization like Jack&rsquos Place for Autism off the...

Terri O’Brien - October 8, 2015

pTerri O&rsquoBrien Terri is a Northville mom who helps girls who live in poverty get a chance to travel and attend college she&rsquos one of this years honorees at the 5supthsup Annual Women Who Lead Breakfast.p

Amy Good - October 8, 2015

pAmy Good CEO of Alternatives for Girls Amy is one of the honorees at the 5supthsup Annual Women Who Lead Breakfast and talk about how Alternatives for Girls helps get girls off the streets and helps them start a new life.p

Daniel Howes - October 8, 2015

pDaniel Howes business columnist and business editor of The Detroit News Daniel helps Paul W break down the tentative contract between the UAW and FCA.p

Judge Nanci Grant - October 8, 2015

pJudge Nanci Grant Chief Judge of the Oakland County Circuit Court Judge Grant is one of the honorees at the 5supthsup Annual Women Who Lead Breakfast and stops by to thank WJR and to talk to Paul W about her Combat Veterans Court that helps returning veterans reacclimate to civi...

Susie Dahlmann - October 8, 2015

pSusie Dahlmann Executive Director & Co-Founder of Reaching Higher Susie is one of the honorees at the 5supthsup Annual Women Who Lead Breakfast and talks about Reaching Higher an organization that helps kids build self-esteem.pp p

Anne Schenk - October 8, 2015

pAnne Schenk Gleaners Vice-President of Advancement Anne tells Paul W about Gleaners &lsquoHunger Free In The D&rsquo campaign that&rsquos coming up in November.p

Luanne Ewald - October 8, 2015

pLuanne Ewald Regional Vice-President of Business Development at the Detroit Medical Center Luanne is one of the honorees at the 5supthsup Annual Women Who Lead Breakfastp

Tom Walsh - October 8, 2015

pTom Walsh Detroit Free Press columnist Tom talks with Paul W about the tentative contract settlement between the UAW and FCA and why he&rsquos glad that a strike was averted.p

Frank McGeorge - October 8, 2015

pFrank McGeorge Henry Ford Medical Group Physician Dr. McGeorge talk with Paul W about exercise how much you need to really do to help with your health a new study tells us that it might be more than we thought.p

Bill Pulte - October 8, 2015

pBill Pulte CEO Pulte Capital Partners LLC Bill checks in with Paul W about blight in the City of Detroit.  Bill tells Paul W that his work in Pontiac is about half done and about the alleged problems with &lsquoblight busting&rsquo in Detroit.p

Paul Eisenstein - October 8, 2015

pPaul Eisenstein chief of Paul calls in to talk with Paul W about the FCAUAW settlement that happened late last night Paul explains the details of the tentative contract.p

Jason Stein - October 7, 2015

pAs the strike deadline approaches Jason Stein Publisher and Editor of Automotive News talks to Paul W. Smith about the possibility of a UAW strike at Midnight at Fiat Chrysler Automobiles. Stein says the nationwide strike could cost FCA one billion dollars a week. He als...

Tony Michaels - October 7, 2015

pTony Michaels span styleline-height 20.8pxCEO of The Parade Company announces on the spanPaul W. Smith Show that the Jersey Boys will be the opening act at this years Americas Thanksgiving Parade presented by Art Van.p

KC Crain - October 7, 2015

pKC Crain of Crain Communications announces on the Paul W. Smith Show that a new LPGA event is coming to Travis Pointe Country Club in Ann Arbor on Memorial Day weekend of 2016. Crain says Volvik a major golf ball manufacturer is thrilled to be the sponsor of this...

Andrea Cassidy-Bushrow - October 7, 2015

pAndrea Cassidy-Bushrow Ph.D. MPH a researcher at Henry Fords Department of Public Health Sciences tells Paul W. Smith heavy internet use may put teens at risk for high blood pressure. Bushrow also offers preventative measures to cut internet use down to under 14 hours a week.p

Yon Pomrenze - October 7, 2015

pLive from Columbia South Carolina Correspondent Yon Pomrenze talks to Paul W. Smith about the continuing damage being done to the state by the 1000 year flood. Pomrenze also says damage control measures such as dams are failing 400000 people are without clean water and power and...

Bill Schuette - October 7, 2015

pBill Schuette Michigans Attorney General talks to Paul W. Smith about his new book Big Lessons from a Small Town. Schuette discusses some of his influences he touches on in the book as well as why it took him over four years to write it. He hopes this book helps peop...

Dan Weingartz - October 7, 2015

pDan Weingartz President of Weingartz Supply Company talks to Paul W. Smith about the success of the 6th annual Mow Down Hunger Campaign. Weingartz sheds light on how partnerships with Gleaners Food Gatherers and Feeding America West Michigan helped the campaign reach its goal of...