Ken Meade, Gordon Stewart and Bob Thibodeau - January 14, 2014

Ken Meade, Meade Lexus Owner, Gordon Stewart, CEO of the Stewart Management Group & Bob Thibodeau, Former Car Dealership Owner talk to Paul W. Smith about the 25th Anniversary of the NAIAS.

Ben Carson - September 30, 2014

Dr. Ben Carson, Surgeon, Philanthropist & possible Presidential Candidate talks to Paul W. Smith about his new ebook called: "One Vote: Make Your Voice Heard" and he says he hasn't decided yet whether he is going to run for President.

Melanie Duquesnel - September 30, 2014

Melanie Duquesnel, President & CEO of the Better Business Bureau tells Paul W. Smith Detroit Tigers' fans need to beware of potential scams by fake ticket sellers seeking cash.

Gregory Ioanidis - September 29, 2014

Paul W. Smith thanks Gregory Ioanidis, ITC President for supporting his West Michigan Policy Forum 2014 Broadcast in Grand Rapids.

Dan Petry - September 29, 2014

Dan Petry, Former Detroit Tiger tells Paul W. Smith & Steve Courtney it was great watching the Tigers win the American League Central for the fourth year in a row.

Doug DeVos - September 29, 2014

Doug DeVos, Amway President & past Chairman of the West Michigan Policy Forum tells Paul W. Smith the key to Michigan's success is to have the leaders on Michigan's east and west side of the state work together to make the state the best it can be for everyone who liv...

Dick DeVos - September 29, 2014

Dick DeVos, Grand Rapids Entrepreneur & Businessman welcomes Paul W. Smith to Grand Rapids and he says he's optimistic about Michigan's future.

Norman Yatooma - September 29, 2014

Norman Yatooma, Detroit area attorney & Founder of Yatooma's Foundation for the Kids tells Paul W. Smith his organization is raising thousands of dollars to support children who have lost their fathers way too young.

Mark Dantonio - September 29, 2014

Mark Dantonio, MSU Football Coach talks to Paul W. Smith & Steve Courtney about the Spartans' big 56-14 win over the Wyoming Cowboys on Saturday.

Jim Dunlap - September 29, 2014

Jim Dunlap, Senior Executive Vice-President of Huntington Bank & West Michigan Policy Forum Chairman of the Board tells Paul W. Smith term limits will be one of the big topics of discussion here at the conference.

Tom Walsh - September 29, 2014

Tom Walsh of the Detroit Free Press talks to Paul W. Smith about the Detroit bankruptcy proceedings and he says it looks like they are on track to wrap things up in a couple of weeks.

Jim Robinson - September 29, 2014

Paul W. Smith thanks Jim Robinson, Farm Bureau Insurance Executive Vice-President for sponsoring the Paul W. Smith Show live from the West Michigan Policy Forum in Grand Rapids.

Matthew Haworth - September 29, 2014

Matthew Haworth, Haworth Inc., Chairman of the Board and Vice-Chairman of the Michigan Policy Conference welcomes Paul W. Smith to Grand Rapids and he says the Michigan office furniture business is doing well around the world.

Mike O'Hara - September 29, 2014

Mike O'Hara, Columnist talks to Paul W. Smith and Steve Courtney about the Lions' 24-17 win over the New York Jets on Sunday at the Meadowlands.  

Mary Kramer - September 29, 2014

Mary Kramer, Publisher of Crain's Detroit Business talks to Paul W. Smith live from Grand Rapids for the West Michigan Policy Forum and she says it's an important event for the state. She also says the Tigers' victory is a big financial win for the city of Detroit. ...

Joe Biden & Mike Duggan

Joe Biden, Vice-President of the United States and Mike Duggan, Detroit's Mayor talk "exclusively" to Paul W. Smith. The topics of conversation include millions of dollars in federal money for new busses for the city of Detroit and whether ISIS is a threat here in t...

Kevyn Orr - September 26, 2014

Kevyn Orr, Detroit's outgoing Emergency Manager tells Paul W. Smith he is pleased with the transition plan approved by the Detroit City Council and the Mayor that will keep him on as emergency manager until the Detroit bankruptcy is approved.

Chris Lambert - September 26, 2014

Chris Lambert, Life Remodeled CEO tells Paul W. Smith it's going to be a great afternoon at Cody High School as the Northwest Detroit school's football team takes to its new field.

Mark Dantonio - September 26, 2014

Mark Dantonio, MSU Football Coach tells Paul W. Smith and Steve Courtney it's going to be a great Homecoming weekend in East Lansing as the Spartans welcome the Wyoming Cowboys to town.

Faye Nelson - September 26, 2014

Faye Nelson, DTE Vice-President of Public Affairs for DTE Energy and President of the DTE Energy Foundation invites Paul W. Smith and his listeners to DElectricity in Detroit this weekend.

Mike O'Hara - September 26, 2014

Mike O'Hara. Columnist tells Paul W. Smith the Lions-Jets game is going to be a great match up at the Meadowlands this weekend.

William Wild - September 26, 2014

Westland Mayor William Wild talks to Paul W. Smith about the increased use of the Cloud 9 drug in his community and he says he's working with law enforcement officials to get the drug off the city's streets.

Dick Morris - September 25, 2014

Dick Morris, longtime political advisor talks to Paul W. Smith about his new book called: "Power Grab: Obama's Dangerous Plan for a One-Party Nation." Dick Morris also has some thoughts on President Obama's strategy to wipe out ISIS and he says the group...

Chirs Ilitch - September 25, 2014

Chris Ilitch, President & CEO of Ilitch Holdings stops by the WJR Studios to talk with Paul W. Smith & Steve Courtney about the Tigers clinching a wild card playoff berth and then Chris and Paul talk about his family's love of Detroit and their plans to build a major ...

Rick Snyder - September 25, 2014

Governor Rick Snyder talks to Paul W. Smith about the Ilitch family's commitment to Detroit and he says the new entertainment complex will be great for the city. He also talks about tonight's "Fostering Futures" event at the Royal Park in Rochester.

Gary Williams - September 25, 2014

Gary Williams of the Golf Channel talks to Paul W. Smith & Steve Courtney live from Scotland about the 2014 Ryder Cup and he says it's going to be a great weekend of golf with the finest golfers in the world.

Frank McGeorge - September 25, 2014

Dr. Frank McGeorge, Henry Ford Medical Group Physician talks to Paul W. Smith about bad breath and he says the human mouth is anything but sterile so it's important to brush and floss every day.

Mark Hackel - September 25, 2014

Mark Hackel, Macomb County Executive tells Paul W. Smith the county has issued an "imminent danger" order to warn residents about a drug called Cloud 9 that's being sold in drug stores and gas stations around the state. He's also asking the stores to stop s...

Mark Luedtke - September 24, 2014

Fr. Mark Luedtke, President of Loyola High School in Detroit stops by the WJR Studios to tell Paul W. Smith about the Loyola video that's been put together asking Pope Francis to come to Detroit.

Brad Garrett - September 24, 2014

Brad Garrett, ABC News Crime & Terrorism Analyst talks to Paul W. Smith about a new terror group called "Khorasan" and Paul also asks the Former FBI Agent whether we should be concerned for our safety here in the United States.

Rick DeVos - September 24, 2014

Rick DeVos, Art Prize Founder tells Paul W. Smith Art Prize gets underway today and he says come to Grand Rapids to see some amazing art.

David Blaustein - September 24, 2014

David Blaustein, ABC Entertainment Editor talks to Paul W. Smith about the new movies coming out this weekend.