Mike Duggan - February 10, 2014

pDetroit Mayor Mike Duggan talks to Paul W. Smith about his lunch with President Obama and he says they had a good conversation about the city of Detroit.p

Mark Dantonio - October 5, 2015

pspan stylefont-size smallMichigan State football coach Mark Dantonio talks to Guy Gordon about the Spartans win over the Purdue Boilermakers.spanp

Paul Glantz - October 5, 2015

pspan stylefont-size smallFounder and Chairman of Emagine Entertainment Paul Glantz joins Guy Gordon on the Paul W. Smith Show to talk about the new Emagine Palladium in Birmingham and he says the theater has implemented a new policy for teenagers under 18 that will make the movi...

Mary Kramer - October 5, 2015

pMary Kramer Publisher of Crains Detroit Business joins Guy Gordon on the Paul W. Smith Show and she says Homecoming was a big success that will bring lots of investment opportunities to Detroit.p

Mike O'Hara - October 5, 2015

pspan stylefont-size smallDetroitLions.com contributor Mike OHara talks to Guy Gordon about the Lions upcoming game against the Seattle Seahawks on Monday Night Football.spanp

Yon Pomrenze - October 5, 2015

pspan stylefont-size smallCorrespondent Yon Pomrenze joins Guy Gordon live from Columbia South Carolina to discuss the 1000 year flood that is ravaging the state.spanp

Mike Duggan - October 5, 2015

pspan stylefont-size smallDetroit Mayor Mike Duggan joins Guy Gordon on the Paul W. Smith show.spanp

Daniel Howes - October 5, 2015

pspan stylefont-size smallDetroit News Columnist Daniel Howes gives Guy Gordon the latest on the Chrysler contract negotations and what the next steps are for Chrysler.spanp

Jim Roope - October 5, 2015

pspan stylefont-size small background-color rgb(255 255 255)Correspondent Jim Roope joins Guy Gordon live from Roseburg Oregon to discuss the latest news in the Umpqua Community College shootings.spanp

Jason Couch - October 2, 2015

pIn this edition of Steve Courtneys High School Game of the Week Romeo at Macomb Dakota Steve Courtney and Paul W. Smith talk to Romeo Head Coach Jason Couch.p

Greg Russell - October 2, 2015

pGreg Russell of Movie Show Plus reviews The Martian and Sicario for Paul W. Smith and he says they are both good movies.pp pp p

Bob Woodruff - October 2, 2015

pPaul W. Smith talks to Bob Woodruff long time ABC Anchor & Reporter who is in town for the second annual Crains Homecoming event and he says great things are happening in Detroit and that includes his daughters recent move to the city.p

Mark Dantonio - October 2, 2015

pMark Dantonio MSU Football Coach talks to Paul W. Smith & Steve Courtney about this weekends Homecoming game against Purdue and he says the Boilermakers will be a tough opponent.p

David Maraniss - October 2, 2015

pspan styleline-height 20.8pxDavid Maraniss former Detroiter and Author of a new book on Detroit called Once in a Great City A Detroit Story talks to Paul W. Smith and he says he wrote the book to make people aware of the citys importance to this countrys success.spanp

KC Crain - October 2, 2015

pKC Crain Vice-President & Group Publisher Crain Communications talks to Paul W. Smith about the second annual Homecoming and he says this event has brought millions of dollars in investment to Detroit.p

Paul Glantz - October 2, 2015

pPaul Glantz Co-Founder & Chairman of Emagine Entertainment tells Paul W. Smith he has renovated the Palladium theater in Birmingham and it will be a great place to watch a movie in comfort. p

Dan Carmody - October 2, 2015

pDan Carmody Eastern Market Corporation President talks to Paul W. Smith about the second annual Harvest celebration on October 8th at 630pm in Shed 3. For more information call 313-833-9300 or visit easternmarket.com.p

Polo Sandoval - October 2, 2015

pTen people are dead and several others wounded after a tragic shooting at a college campus in Oregon and Paul W. Smith gets the latest information from Corresondent Polo Sandoval who talks to him live from Roseburg Oregon.p

Jon Falk - October 2, 2015

pstrongPaul W. Smith talks to Jon Falk strongstrongForty Years in the Big House Michigan Tales from My Four Decades as a Wolverine&rdquostrongp

Regina Bontrager - October 1, 2015

pRegina Bontrager manager of Shell West station in Three Rivers Michigan Regina calls in to talk with Paul W about selling the winning Power Ball ticket with a prize of 310 million.p

Dan Gilbert - October 1, 2015

pDan Gilbert Chairman and Founder of Rock Ventures and Quicken Loans Inc. Dan calls in to talk with Paul W about the Crain&rsquos Homecoming event and about situation between Gilbert&rsquos company and the government involving free speech.p

Bob Riney - October 1, 2015

pBob Riney Executive Vice President and COO Henry Ford Health System Bob stops by to help Paul W Smith celebrate the 100supthsup Anniversary of Henry Ford Hospital and that Henry Ford is presenting it&rsquos first float in this year&rsquos America&rsquos Thanksgiving Parade.p

Mike Duggan - October 1, 2015

pMike Duggan Mayor of the City of Detroit Mayor Duggan chats with Paul W about the 100supthsup Anniversary of Henry Ford Hospital and why he likes the City having different small named neighborhoods that make Detroit a diverse city.p

James Craig - October 1, 2015

pJames Craig Detroit Police Chief Chief Craig talks to Paul W about the 100 Club a group that helps take care of the families of fallen police officers and fire fighters and about the state of law enforcement community relationships today.p

Nancy Schlitchting - October 1, 2015

pspan styleline-height 1.6emNancy Schlitchting CEO Henry Ford Health System Nancy stops by the remote to help Paul W Smith celebrate the 100spansup styleline-height 1.6emthsupspan styleline-height 1.6em Anniversary of Henry Ford Hospital and the exhibit at the Detroit Historical ...

Ralph Musilli - October 1, 2015

pRalph Musilli attorney for Rick &lsquoWhite Boy Rick&rsquo Wershe Ralph tells Paul W that he feels that the judge &lsquosided&rsquo with the prosecutor was a bit &lsquodismissive&rsquo when refusing to resentence Wershe and thinks the decision was &lsquonot legally viable&rsquo ...

Frank McGeorge - October 1, 2015

pDr. Frank McGeorge Group Physician Henry Ford Hospital Dr. McGeorge talks with Paul W about a new study showing that switching the saturated fats in your diet with whole grains will lower your risk of heart attack.p

John Popovich - October 1, 2015

pDr. John Popovich President & CEO Henry Ford Hospital Executive Vice President & Chief Medical Officer Henry Ford Health System Dr. Popovich drops by to help Paul W Smith celebrate the 100supthsup Anniversary of Henry Ford Hospital and the plans for a new cancer center.p

Nathan Bomey - September 30, 2015

pUSA Today Reporter Nathan Bomey tells Paul W. Smith FCA is under investigation for allegedly under reporting deaths related to vehicle defects.p

Jack O'Reilly - September 30, 2015

pDearborn Mayor Jack OReilly explains to Paul W. Smith why the Orville Hubbard statue has been taken down in that city.p

Mike Narlock - September 30, 2015

pMike Narlock Cranbrook Astronomer talks to Paul W. Smith about waters on Mars & what the NASA announcement means.p

Candice Miller - September 29, 2015

pTheres word that some people in Congress have asked Congresswoman Candice Miller to run for Speaker of the House and she tells Paul W. Smith thats not going to happenp

Charles Ballard - September 29, 2015

pCharles Ballard MSU Professor of Economics talks to Paul W. Smith about Donald Trumps newly released tax plan and he says he has some concerns about the proposal.p

Mark Hackel - September 29, 2015

pMark Hackel Macomb County Executive talks to Paul W. Smith about the recent death of an inmate in the jail and he says theres a bigger issue with regard to this countrys inmates.p

Peter Faricy - September 29, 2015

pPeter Faricy lead Amazon executive responsible for bringing an Amazon office to Detroit checks in with Paul W. Smith and he says the city is a good place for business growth and development. p

Mark Schlissel - September 29, 2015

pMark Schlissel University of Michigan President is speaking to the Detroit Economic Club on Tuesday October 6th and he tells Paul W. Smith the topic of his speech is Powering Michigans Future with Innovative Ideas and Human Capital. He also tells Paul he is looking forward to th...

Craig Stevens & Jonathon Steinberg - September 29, 2015

pDr. Craig Stevens Beaumont Hospital Chairman of Radiation & Oncology & Jonathon Steinberg a long time cancer survivor from Birmingham Michigan talk to Paul W. Smith about the first proton cancer treatment center coming to Metro Detroit and they say the therapy saves lives....

David Sowerby - September 29, 2015

pDavid Sowerby Loomis Sayles Vice-President & Senior Portfolio Manager talks to Paul W. Smith about the wild ride for investors on Wall Street and he has some insight into how long the rough ride will last.p