Mayor Dave Bing - October 3, 2013

pOn his final days in office his relationship with Kevyn Orr The Belle Isle deal and the Michigan State Fairgrounds development proposal.p

Jon Feere - September 1, 2015

pThe Legal Policy Analyst for the Center for Immigration Studies speaks regarding birthright citizenship how a President could change current policy and what can be done to stop the widespread abuse of citizenship.p

Gary Naeyaert - September 1, 2015

pExecutive Director of the Great Lakes Education project discusses the Governors schools plan for increased oversight.p

John Bacon - September 1, 2015

pAuthor of the new book Endzone The Rise Fall and Return of Michigan Football joins Frank to discuss it all.p

Pat Michaels - September 1, 2015

pFormer Virginia State Climatologist and now Director of the Center for the Study of Science at the CATO Institute expounds on whether or not DCs weather station is reading way too hot.p

James Craig - September 1, 2015

pDetroit Police Chief gives an update on the past two years in Detroit what his focus for the next year is and the black lives matter mantra.p

L. Brooks Patterson - September 1, 2015

pOakland County Executive brings exciting news regarding the 18th annual Arts Beats and Eats this weekend.p

Kevin Cotter - September 1, 2015

pThe Speaker of the House gives the latest regarding Todd Courser and Cindy Gamrat.p

Danielle Pletka - August 31, 2015

pSenior Vice President of Foreign & Defense Policy Studies at the American Enterprise Institute in town today for the foreign policy security debate at Lawrence Tech with Ohio Governor John Kasich who is running for president.p

Dr. Roy Spencer - August 31, 2015

pPrincipal Research Scientist at the University of Alabama in Huntsville and was a Senior Scientist for Climate Studies at NASAs Marshall Space Flight Center discusses the summer snow that will be greeting Obama on his Alaska climate trip.p

Dana Perino - August 31, 2015

pFox News Political Commentator author and former White House Press Secretary shares her advice to students and parents on how to make the most of the changes and curve balls that a new school year is sure to bring along with talking all things political with the race for the Whi...

Scott Lewis - August 31, 2015

pThe private investigator closely following the Cindy Gamrat and Todd Courser case updates Frank on the latest regarding the controversial phone and text messages.p

Ted Lindsay - August 31, 2015

pHockey Hall of Famer speaks on the upcoming golf outing September 14th at Pine Lake Country Club in Bloomfield Hills.p

Nancy Lopez - August 31, 2015

pFormer LPGA Professional Golfer speaks on Cornerstone Schools being in partnership with the LPGA and on the 12th Annual Turning Point Invitational golf outing at the Country Club of Detroit.p

Brenda Lawrence - August 31, 2015

pCongresswoman D-14th District discusses the Iran Agreement the racist flyers in a Southfield election and the upcoming discussion on jobs and maufacturing in Detroit with House Minority Whip Steny Hoyer.p

Ron Scott - August 31, 2015

pLeader of the Detroit Coalition Against Police Brutality is seeking a new probe into the Terrance Kellom shooting.p

Shika Dalmia - August 28, 2015

pSenior Policy Analyst at the Reason Foundation speaks on Jeb Bush and his comments regarding anchor babies. p

Mike Layman - August 28, 2015

pVice President of Regulatory Affairs for the International Franchise Association expands on the National Labor Relations Board broadening the definition of joint employer and how thats interfering with a long-standing business model that has for decades put millions of Americans...

Mark Mix - August 28, 2015

pPresident of the National Right to Work Foundation discusses how the Big Three workers can soon exercise their right to stop all union dues and fees.p

Tim Booth - August 28, 2015

pDirectior of Guest Services at the Michigan International Speedway discusses their annual Spirit of America blood drive coming up on September 11th.p

Doug Haugh - August 28, 2015

pThe President & CEO of Mansfield Oil speaks on his belief that the nation has already achieved energy independence. p

Captain Katie Higgins - August 28, 2015

pThe first female Blue Angel speaks on becoming the first female Blue Angel what its like inside the cockpit and where they will be performing next.p

Dave Lorenz - August 28, 2015

pThe man who heads up Travel Michigan speaks on promoting Michigan tourism in China.p

J. Christian Adams - August 28, 2015

pColumnist for PJ Media and an election lawyer who served in the Voting Rights Section at the U.S. Department of Justice speaks regarding The Public Interest Legal Foundation putting 141 counties on notice across the U.S. that they have more registered voters than people alive in...

John Moolenaar - August 28, 2015

pCongressman R- Midland who is on the House Committee on Agriculture on Budget and on the House Committee on Science Space and Technology elaborates on the EPAs misplaced priorities that burden Michigan farmers and businesses and jeopardize the Gake Lakes.p

Dave Beachnau - August 27, 2015

pExecutive Director of the Detroit Sports Commission and founder of the Tim Hortons Prep Kickoff Classic highlights the start of the high school football season which starts today at Wayne State University.p

Matthew Saxton - August 27, 2015

pThe Sheriff from Calhoun County updates Frank on the shots that are being fired at vehicles on freeways.p

Debbie Dingell - August 27, 2015

pCongresswoman D - 12th District discusses why she will vote for the highly controversial Iran Nuclear Deal.p

Alan Trammel

pDetroit Tigers Special Assistant to the General Manager speaks to Frank regarding Justin Verlander almost getting a no-hitter.p

Scott Lewis - August 27, 2015

pA private investigator dives into the Todd Courser text messages and how the phone is linked to his name.p