Joe Lehman - October 7, 2013

Mackinac Center President celebrating it's 25th anniversary.

Bill Schuette - April 23, 2014

Michigan's Attorney General. Supreme Court upholds Michigan's ban on Affirmative Action.

Stephen Henderson - April 23, 2014

Detroit Free Press Editorial Page Editor disagrees with Supreme Court's decision to uphold Michigan's ban on Affirmative Action.

Tim Groseclose - April 22, 2014

UCLA Professor of Political Science and Economics, author of Left Turn and soon to be released Cheating: an Insider's Report on the Use of Race by Admissions at UCLA, discusses the Supreme Court's decision to uphold Michigan's ban on affirmative action.

Dan Kish - April 23, 2014

Senior Vice President for Policy at the Institute for Energy Resource. Why is the President delaying his decision on the Keystone Pipeline again?

North American International Banjo Convention - April 23, 2014

Brian Newson, Dan Petrella and Bob Ervin in studio to play some banjo and talk about the convention at the Dearborn Doubletree April 24-26.

Frank's Earth Day "Observance" - April 22, 2014

Frank reveals the real meaning behind Earth Day through quotes from the holiday's founders and biggest supporters.

Jennifer Gratz - April 22, 2014

Well know anti affirmative action advocate who took The University of Michigan to court over their admission standards. Supreme Court strikes down affirmative action in the state of Michigan.

Bryce Hoffman - April 22, 2014

Detroit News Writer, author of American Icon. Alan Mulally stepping down as Ford's CEO, turning the company over to mark Fields.

Dr. Peter Vincent Pry - April 22, 2014

Executive Director of the Electromagnetic Pulse Task for on National and Homeland Security.

Matt Patterson - April 22, 2014

Center for Worker Freedom Executive Director, author and commentator for Real Clear Politics, Weekly Standard, PJ Media and others. UAW withdraws National Labor Relations Board backdoor appeal to unionize Volkswagen Plant in Tennessee.

M.L. Elrick - April 21, 2014

Reporter Fox 2. Credit Union filing suit against City Council President Pro-Tem George Cushinberry Jr. for alleged damage he caused to two of his Detroit homes.

Joan Budden - April 21, 2014

Chief Marketing Officer Priority Health. More changes coming to Obamacare?

Daniel Howes - April 21, 2014

Associate Business Editor Detroit News. More recalls from GM, how much did current executives know about the defects before sounding the alarm?

Dr. Colleen Allen - April 21, 2014

President and CEO Autism Alliance of Michigan holding their 3rd Annual fundraising Gala on Saturday. For more information visit

Dr. Kevin Frank - April 18, 2014

Michigan State University Associate Professor in Crop and Soil Sciences discusses this winter's toll on area golf courses.

Dr. William Strampel - April 18, 2014

Dean of Michigan State University's College of Osteopathic Medicine. Is a doctor shortage another unintended consequence of Obamacare?

David Skeel - April 18, 2014

Professor of Corporate Law at the University of Pennsylvania and author of Debt's Dominion: A History of Bankruptcy Law in America, believes that Kevyn Orr's plan favors pensioners over other creditors.

Charlie White and Meryl Davis - April 18, 2014

Gold Medal Olympic Ice Dancers, currently on Dancing with the Stars and Stars on Ice which will be at Joe Louis Arena on April 27th.