Joe Lehman - October 7, 2013

Mackinac Center President celebrating it's 25th anniversary.

Dr. Kevin Frank - April 18, 2014

Michigan State University Associate Professor in Crop and Soil Sciences discusses this winter's toll on area golf courses.

Dr. William Strampel - April 18, 2014

Dean of Michigan State University's College of Osteopathic Medicine. Is a doctor shortage another unintended consequence of Obamacare?

David Skeel - April 18, 2014

Professor of Corporate Law at the University of Pennsylvania and author of Debt's Dominion: A History of Bankruptcy Law in America, believes that Kevyn Orr's plan favors pensioners over other creditors.

Charlie White and Meryl Davis - April 18, 2014

Gold Medal Olympic Ice Dancers, currently on Dancing with the Stars and Stars on Ice which will be at Joe Louis Arena on April 27th.

Mike Bouchard - April 17, 2014

Oakland County Sheriff, is heroin a growing problem in Oakland County?

Dan Calabrese - April 17, 2014

Author, Columnist and Journalist on Detroit Casinos seeing a downturn in revenue.

Crystal McVea - April 17, 2014

Author of Waking Up in Heaven where she describes her death and journey to heaven and back.

Gary Wolfram - April 17, 2014

William E Simon Professor of Economics and Public Policy, Director of Economics at Hillsdale College discusses full time private sector workers sustaining benefit takers.

Gary Brown - April 16, 2014

Chief Compliance Officer on the proposed parking fee hikes.

Mark Diaz - April 16, 2014

President of the Detroit Police Officers Association and VP Pension Board discusses two tentative deals reached with pension fund.

Jennifer Gratz - April 16, 2014

Well known crusader against the use of affirmative action in college admissions discusses a Detroit Student who claims she was denied to admissions to The University of Michigan because of her race.

Liberty's Legacy - April 16, 2014

Eric Calley - Combat Marine, Founder of The Fight Continues Jolanthe Bassett - Co-chair of Liberty's Legacy who is working to get Eric a new Post Traumatic Stress Disorder service dog, after his dog Liberty died of cancer. Carol Boarden - Owner and Lead Trainer for Guari...

Andre Spivey- April 15, 2014

Detroit City Councilman, city of Detroit is launching a website to auction abandon homes.

Cliven Bundy - April 15, 2014

Nevada Rancher has allowed his cattle to graze on federal land for over 20 years and says the government really doesn’t own the land, although he won the standoff with the government Harry Reid says its not over.

Victoria Brehm - April 15, 2014

Spokesperson for Save Our Sherman, the local activist organization that wants to keep wind turbines out of Sherman Township, MI, they are fighting a third attempt.

Gerald Marsh - April 15, 2014

Retired physicist from the Argonne National Laboratory and former consultant to the Department of Defense on strategic nuclear technology and policy in the Reagan, Bush and Clinton Administrations, regarding record snowfall here in Detroit and the Mini Ice Age. 

Mark Diaz - April 14, 2014

President of the Detroit Police Officers Association and VP of the Pension board says Kevyn Orr is putting art above police and firefighters.

Joseph Bast - April 14, 2014

President of the Heartland Institute out with a report that claims CO2 is not a pollutant and highlights it's beneficial impact on the planet.

Nolan Finley - April 14, 2014

Detroit News Editorial Page Editor doesn't think the mob who beat up Steven Utash should be charged with hate crimes.

Mike Babcock - April 14, 2014

Detroit Red Wings Coach start their playoff run Friday against the Boston Bruins.