Mark Schauer - January 17, 2014 Live from the Speaker's Library

 Former Congressman, Running for Governor. 

Charles LeDuff - August 20, 2014

Fox 2 reporter, Charles LeDuff, discusses his piece on Ferguson, Missouri.

Gordon Lubold - August 20, 2014

Foreign Policy Magazine, Sr. Staff Writer, discusses President Obama's Unwanted War and the murder of an American journalist at the hands of ISIS

BIll Ballenger - August 20, 2014

Editor of Inside Michigan Politics gives a preview on the State Republican Convention

Christopher Arps - August 19, 2014

Project 21 Advisory Council, co-founder of with the latest on the Ferguson riots.

Rick Santorum - August 19, 2014

Former U.S. Senator, 2012 Republican Presidential Candidate. Delegation to Israel to show solidarity to the Israelis during their conflict with Hamas.

Bo Stern - August 19, 2014

Blogger, Author, Speaker, Husband has ALS discusses the Ice Bucket Challenge and her own series of empathy challenges to raise awareness for the disease.

Gary Naeyeart - August 19, 2014

Executive Director, Great Lakes Education Project.

Steve Byrne - August 19, 2014

Comedian, Star of “Sullivan and Son” on TBS.

Nolan Finley - August 18, 2014

Detroit News Editorial Page Editor, has a deal been struck for an Detroit, Suburban Regional Water Authority?

Andrew Arena - August 18, 2014.

Executive Director, Detroit Crime Commision, former FBI Detroit Chief on the federal investigation in Ferguson Missouri.

Dan Varner - August 18, 2014

CEO, Excellent Schools Detroit, Member, Michigan Board of Education on the plan to give Mike Duggan oversight of all public schools in Detroit.

Rick Smith and Bill Rogers - August 18, 2014

Rick Smith – PGA Teaching Professional, owner of Rick Smith Golf Academy.  Bill Rogers – Golf and Managing Director of Oakland University’s Golf and Learning Center.

Greg Kampe - August 18, 2014

Oakland University Basketball Coach.

Dr. George Hynd - August 18, 2014

Oakland University President.

Kevin Helm - August 18, 2014

Michigan PGA CEO.

Brian Cairns - August 18, 2014

PGA Player and Teaching Pro, won Michigan PGA Professional Championship last year.

Shikha Dalmia - August 15, 2014

Senoir Economist with the Reason Foundation, Columnist with the Washington Examiner, Contributor to the Bloomberg View talks about President Obama and Immigration.

Bill Ballenger - August 15, 2014

Editor of Inside Michigan Politics

Herschel Fink - August 15, 2014

Attorney who represents news organizations and entertainment companies, talks about smoke bombs allegedly fired at news crew.