Mike Reitz - February 14, 2014

Executive VP Mackinac Center, introducing their VoteSpotter App which allows people to give legislators immedate feedback on their votes.

David Hernandez - November 21, 2014

CEO, Liberty Power. How low could our heating bills be if it weren't for over regulation from the government? 

Cast of A Christmas Story - November 21, 2014

Zack Ward - Played Scut Farcus Scott Schwartz - played Flick Yano Anayo - played Grover Dill and Ian Petrella - played Randy in "A Christmas Story." In town for showings at The Redford Theater this weekend. 

John Malcolm - November 21, 2014

Director of Senior Fellow for Meese Center for Legal and Judicial Studies reacts to President Obama's speech on immigration.

Steve Tobocman - November 21, 2014

Head of Global Detroit with reaction to President Obama's speech on immigration.

Thom Dartt and Emma Alford - November 21, 2014

Thom Dartt - Founder Perfect Fit Athetic Recruiting with Emma Alford - A senior at Grosse Ile High School, awarded a full ride rowing scholarship to Temple with the help of Perfect Fit Athletic Recruiting. For more information visit http://perfectfitar.com/

Robert Gregory - November 21, 2014

President of the Detroit 300 Conservancy previews the Campus Martius Annual Tree Lighting tonight at 6:30.

Doug Kurtis - November 21, 2014

Turkey Trott Race Director.

Doug Murtha - November 20, 2014

Toyota Vice President Scion.

Adonis Flores and Margaret Gonzalez - November 20, 2014

Adonis Flores - Detroit Immigration Organizer for Michigan United. Margaret Gonzalez - She and her daughter are American citizens, her husband is not. All will be watching President Obama's speech on immigration closely tonight.

John Felice - November 20, 2014

Ford Vice President Marketing and Sales and Service.

Tim Mahoney - November 20, 2014

Chevy Chief Marketing Officer.

Karl Brauer - November 20, 2014

Kelly Blue Book Senior Director of Insights and Senior Editor.

Al Gardner - November 20, 2014

President and CEO Chrysler Brand revealing the Chrysler 300.

Oliver Francois and Jason Stoicevich - November 20, 2014

Oliver Francois - Head of Fiat Brand and Chief Marketing Officer. Jason Stoicevich - Head of Fiat Brand for North America discuss their big reveal on Thusday.

Brendan Flynn - November 19, 2014

LA Auto Show Director of Marketing and Communications.

Mark Reuss - November 19, 2014

President GM North America.

Joe Bastardi - November 19, 2014

with http://weatherbell.com on this blast of arctic air the nation is experiencing. 

Michelle Krebs - November 19, 2014

Senior Analyst for Auto Trader.

David Woodhouse - November 19, 2014

President and CEO Ram Truck.

Jean Jennings - November 19, 2014

Editor in Chief of Auto Blog and http://JeanKnowsCars.com

Reid Bigland - November 19, 2014

Head of Alfa Romero Brand, NAFTA Region.

Jana Hartline - November 19, 2014

Toyota's Environmental Communications Manager

Scott LaRiche and Paul Sabatini - November 19, 2014

Scott LaRiche - Chairman of the 2015 North American Auto Show and Vice President of Lou LaRiche Chevrolet in Plymouth. Paul Sabatini - Detroit Auto Dealers Association President and owner of Lincoln of Troy.

Dana Nessel - November 18, 2014

Attorney for April DeBoer and Jayne Rowse, appeal to Supreme Court in same sex marriage case.

Chief James Craig - November 18, 2014

Detroit Chief of Police, is Detroit bracing for the Darren Wilson-Ferguson decision?

Stacy Washington - November 18, 2014

Member of the National Advisory Council of the Project 21 Black Leadership Network, local talk radio host in St. Louis which is bracing for the Grand Jury's decision on Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson who shot and killed Michael Brown last summer.

Dr. Matthew Davis - November 18, 2014

Chief Medical Executive at the Michigan Department of Community Health with an update on Ebola cases in the state.

Mark Krikorian - November 18, 2014

Executive Director of the Center for Immigration Studies. Will Obama give an executive order on amnesty for illegal immigrants?

Ralph Peters - November 18, 2014

Retired U.S. Army Lt. Col, author of Hell or Richmond, says military officials are appaled at the willful incompetence of the administration of President Obama and it's campaign against ISIS.

Fred Upton - November 18, 2014

Congressman R-St. Joseph, Chair of Energy and Commerce Committee on the Keystone Pipeline vote.

Jackie Hill-Perry - November 18, 2014

Christian Rapper, Beat Poet renounced her homosexuality after findingChristianity.

Lt. Mike Shaw - November 17, 2014

With the Michigan State Police, reaction on proposed transparency legislation that would have all cops in the state wearing body cameras.

Jase Bolger - November 17, 2014

Speaker of the House, Senate gas tax bill headed to House, will there be any changes?

Rich Studley - November 17, 2014

President Michigan Chamber of Commerce, blasts film subsidies as a Boondoggle.

Dr. Irvin Reid - November 17, 2014

Former Wayne State President and Director of FOCIS, regarding Wayne State University’s Forum on Contemporary Issues in Society (FOCIS), taking place today and tomorrow focusing on Democracy in Namibia and in the current state of Africa along with Afghanistan

Brother Francis Boylan, Sharon Berkobien and John Lynch - November 17, 2014

Brother Francis Boylan - Outgoing Chairman of Holy Cross Children's Services  Sharon Berkobien – COO, gives overview of the programs and services statewide John Lynch – CEO, addresses how important private funds are to their program.

Dr. William Morrone and Darren McAlister - November 17, 2014

Dr. William Morrone  – Medical Director, expert in substance abuse treatment. Darren McAlister - Director of Riverhaven, the coordinating agency of 6 mid-Michigan counties that send kids to Holy Cross Children's Services for substance abuse services, addr...

Mike and Dominic - November 17, 2014

Two former Holy Cross Children's Services clients discuss how the program has helped them.