David Littmann - February 14, 2014

Senior Economist Mackinac Center for Public Policy says full speed ahead for the state economy but what about the national economy?

Brad Jacobsen - April 1, 2015

State Representative R-Oxford, his bill to increase the speed limit is getting new life.

Heather Nabozny - April 1 ,2015

Detroit Tigers Head Groundskeeper preparing for Opening Day.

Vaughn Glenn - April 1, 2015

President of the American Federation of Government Employees Local 778 who will be holding a rally this afternoon calling for a police presence within the TSA to protect checkpoints.

Anthony Wickersham - April 1, 2015

Macomb County Sheriff. Man who murdered party store owner now in custody.

John Bolton - April 1, 2015

Senior Fellow American Enterprise Institute, Former UN Ambassador, deadline for Iran nuke deal has passed, now what?

Samuel "Buzz" Thomas - March 31, 2015

Detroit's Elected Officials Compensation Commision Chairman. Raises for Detroit leadership approved for 2016.

Tonya Allen and John Rakolta - March 31, 2015

Tonya Allen - Co-Chair of the Coalition for the Future of Detroit Schoolchildren, President and CEO of The Skillman Foundation John Rakolta - Co-Chair of the Coalition, CEO of Walbridge discuss education reform recommendations being made to the Governor and Mayor of Detroit by th...

Dan Quisenberry - March 31, 2015

President of the Michigan Association of Public School Academies regarding documentary on Curtis Jones and the Detroit Coalition Proposals.

Tracey Sanders - March 30, 2015

Member of New St. Mark Church and Organizer of March for Justice 2015 in Detroit.

Jack Krasula - March 30, 2015

Host of "Anything is Possible" Sunday nights on WJR and best friend of Mike Fezzey reflects on his life and passing.

Tom Izzo - March 30, 2015

Michigan State Head Basketball Coach heading back to the Final Four.

Dr. Parag Patel - March 30, 2015

Beaumont Health System Family Medicine Doctor. White House unveils plan to fight antibiotic-resistant germs.

Mike Shirkey - March 30, 2015

State Senator R-16th District. Indiana passed a religious freedom bill last week, is a similar one on the way here in Michigan?

Mark Hackel - March 30, 2015

Macomb County Executive reflects on the passing of Huntington Bank Regional President and fromer General Manager of WJR, Mike Fezzey.

Henry Payne - March 30, 2015

Detroit News Automotive Columnist and Editorial Cartoonist. Did the EPA bluff atuomakers at efficiency talks?

Dr. Matthew Sims - March 27, 2015

Beaumont Health System Director of Infectious Disease Research, three cases of chickenpox have prompted an e-mail to hundreds of parents in the Birmingham Public Schools district recommending that non vaccinated students be kept home until April 14th.  

Pete Kuhnmuench - March 27, 2015

Executive Director of the Insurance Institute of Michigan, the Michigan Auto Insurance fee to drop $36 per vehicle in the next fiscal year to $150, this is great but how do auto owners know that they can’t even drop it further if the MCCA –Michigan Catastrophic Claims...

Kurt Metzger - March 27, 2015

Founding Director of Data Driven Detroit, Mayor of Pleasant Ridge. Wayne County is losing population while Oakland and Macomb continue to gain, what will the impact of this be?

Beth Van Duyne - March 27, 2015

Mayor of Irving Texas taking stand against Muslim Shariah Courts in her city.

Steve Forbes - March 27, 2015

Editor-in-Chief at Forbes Magazine, 2 Time Presidential Candidate, relaunching Americans for Hope, Growth and Opporunity, a nonprofit organization committed to promoting economic and fiscal policies that will put the United State back on the path to prosperity.

Dick Waldecker - March 27, 2015

Former Counterintelligence Agent, Vietnam Veterans of America Chapter 528 Historian discussing an upcoming town hall on Agent Orange and it's effects on Vietnam Veterans and their children and grandchildren on May 9th at Northville High School. For more information visit ...

Dr. Jane Orient MD - March 27, 2015

Executive Director Association of American Physicians and Surgeons discusses the "Doc Fix" Bill for Medicare that passed in the House on Thursday.

Kyle Melinn - March 27, 2015

MIRS News Editor with new poll numbers on Prop 1.