Patrick Wright - March 10, 2014

pMackinac Center Senior Legal Analyst. MEA backs down against two teachers but is still going after 8000 who want out of the union and havent paid dues.p

Dave Beachnau - August 27, 2015

pExecutive Director of the Detroit Sports Commission and founder of the Tim Hortons Prep Kickoff Classic highlights the start of the high school football season which starts today at Wayne State University.p

Matthew Saxton - August 27, 2015

pThe Sheriff from Calhoun County updates Frank on the shots that are being fired at vehicles on freeways.p

Debbie Dingell - August 27, 2015

pCongresswoman D - 12th District discusses why she will vote for the highly controversial Iran Nuclear Deal.p

Alan Trammel

pDetroit Tigers Special Assistant to the General Manager speaks to Frank regarding Justin Verlander almost getting a no-hitter.p

Scott Lewis - August 27, 2015

pA private investigator dives into the Todd Courser text messages and how the phone is linked to his name.p

Sgt. Robert Bartlett - August 26, 2015

pA decorated American war veteran who was maimed and suffered near fatal injuries from an Iranian IED while serving in Iraw. He will be the keynote speaker at a rally tomorrow at the Southfield Civic Center against the proposed accord with Iran.p

Greg Kampe - August 26, 2015

pOakland University Basketball Coach from Spain speaks to Frank about the upcoming basketball season.p

Pat Haynie - August 26, 2015

pPresident of the Dr. Martin Luther KIng Jr. Task Force is condemning racist flyers in Southfield election.p

Gary Gulman - August 26, 2015

pStand-up Comedian doing a fundraiser for the Fallen & Wounded Soldiers Fund on September 10th at the Ann Arbor Comedy Showcase.p

John Loftus - August 26, 2015

pDetroit-Wayne County Port Authority Executive Director on the 22 Million Riverfront facility that was supposed to draw cruise ships to Detroit but hasnt.p

Patrick DeHaan - August 26, 2015

pSenior Petroleum Analyst for speaks on the fluctuating gas prices and how theyre currently coming back down.p

Peter Geiger - August 26, 2015

pEditor for The Farmers Almanac speaks to Frank on the upcoming 2016 Farmers Almanac.p

John Scott - August 26, 2015

pOakland County Commissioner R-District 5 is saying No way to DIA raises.p

Jase Bolger - August 26, 2015

pFormer Speaker of the House is calling for Gamrat & Courser to resign intensify after the House Business Office said it found preliminary evidence of official misconduct and misuse of taxpayer money.p

Rob Bernardi and Mary Beth Rogers - August 25, 2015

pstrongRob Bernardistrong - Owner & President of Executive Energy gives his insight into the energy industry on both the regulated utility side and the de-regulated market. strongMary Beth Rogersstrong - The Executive Director of Business Services at the Clarkston Communit...

Mike Shirkey - August 25, 2015

pspan stylecolor rgb(0 0 0) font-family Arial sans-serif font-size 14.6666669845581px line-height normalState Senator R- Clarklake discusses energy choice legislation in Michigan.spanp

Susan Whitall - August 25, 2015

pDetroit News Feature & Entertainment writer weighs in about Michigan road funding.p

Judith Villareal - August 25, 2015

pSenior Vice President General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer of Core Cap Investments speaks on the Dow and the use of Rule 48.p

Joe Graves - August 25, 2015

pState Representative R-51st District discusses the controversy over the State Legislature taking extended leaves as well as their road funding plans.p

Paul Miller - August 25, 2015

pAssociate Director of the Clements Center for History Strategy and Statecraft at the Univserity of Texas at Austin and a research fellow at the Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission discusses Hillarys email troubles. p

Gary Glenn - August 25, 2015

pState Representative R-Midland and Vice Chair of the House Energy Policy Committee to the National Conference of State Legislatures discusses energy choice and the smart meter controversy and opt-out program for utility customers.p

Mark Hackel - August 25, 2015

pThe Macomb County Executive gives his opinion on the Michigan roads and the options for being able to choose your own electric provider.p

Dan Petry - August 24, 2015

pFormer Detroit Tigers Pitcher gives his opinion on whether or not Major League Baseball should put up nets to deter foul balls after a fan was hit in the stands.p

Pete Wood - August 24, 2015

pPresident of the National Association of Scholars speaks on his report Sustainability Higher Educations New Fundamentalism and how this supposed sustainability is indoctrinating college students.p

Tim Chartier - August 24, 2015

pAssociate Professor of Mathematics and Computer Science at Davidson College author of emMath Bytes Google Bombs Chocolate-Covered Pi and Other Cool Bitsem emin Computingem speaks on engaging kids in math with sports.p

David Sowerby - August 24, 2015

pPortfolio Manager in the Bloomfield Hills office of Loomis Sayle gives his insight on the recent Dow plunge.p

Eric O'Keefe - August 24, 2015

pLong-time free-market activist and Director of Wsconsin Club for Growth who was politically targeted with the multi-year John Doe investigation launched by Milwaukee County District Attorney and assisted by the state Government Accountability Board after he played a lead role de...

Brad Jacobsen - August 24, 2015

pState Representative R-Oxford chimes in regarding Nolan Finleys online petition for a part time legislature. p

Nolan Finley - August 24, 2015

pDetroit News Page Editor on his online petition for a part time legislature.p