Patrick Wright - March 10, 2014

pMackinac Center Senior Legal Analyst. MEA backs down against two teachers but is still going after 8000 who want out of the union and havent paid dues.p

Ronald Haddad - October 9, 2015

pDearborn Chief of Police. Anti-Muslim rally will be held tomorrow where protestors are encouraged to open carry their guns.p

Candice Miller - October 9, 2015

pCongresswoman R-Macomb County is she interested in running for Speaker of the Housep

Bill Huizenga - October 9, 2015

pCongressman R-Zeeland reacts to news that Congressman Kevin McCarthy wont run for Speaker of the House.p

Rod Golec - October 9, 2015

pBetter know as caller Rod From Plymouth in attendence for the Red Wings opening day broadcast after making a donation to Holy Cross Services.p

Ted Lindsay and Kris Draper - October 9, 2015

pstrongTed Lindsaystrong - Red Wings Legend and Hall of Famer strongKris Draperstrong - Former member of The Grind Line now Special Assistant to the General Manager.p

Henrik Zetterberg - October 9, 2015

pCaptain of the Detroit Red Wings.p

Ken Holland - October 9, 2015

pRed Wings General Manager.p

Jeff Blashill - October 9, 2015

pNew Red Wings head coach.p

Ken Kal - October 9, 2015

pRadio Play by Play Announcer for the Detroit Red Wings.p

Tom Wilson - October 9, 2015

pPresident and CEO of Olympia Entertainment.p

Niklas Kronwall - October 9, 2015

pRed Wings Defenseman.p

Luke Glendening - October 9, 2015

pCenter for the Detroit Red Wings.p

Julie Bertuzzi - October 9, 2015

pAuthor of ustrongHockey Momsstrongu and wife of NHL player Todd Bertuzzi. p

Rob Mattina - October 9, 2015

pVP of Marketing Detroit Red Wings.p

Kristin Dziczek - October 8, 2015

pCenter for Automotive Research Director of Industry and Labor Group on the proposed auto worker deal.p

John Bolton - October 8, 2015

pFormer UN Ambassador Senior Fellow at the American Enterprise Institute Senior Fellow at the American Enterprise Institute. What is going on between Russia the United States and Syriap

Bob Sedler - October 8, 2015

pWayne State Law Professor The state of Michigan will pay legal fees for gay marriage case.p

Dr. Kathy Olkin - October 8, 2015

pPlanetary Scientist and Deputy Project Scientist for NASAs New Horizon Mission to Pluto will be a presenter at the TEDx Detroit event at the Fox Theater.p

Kyle Mills - October 8, 2015

pAuthor picking up the Mitch Rapp series after the passing of the late Vince Flynn.p

Kevin Gardner - October 8, 2015

pMichigan State Director for Generation Opportunity they are building a grassroots movement to pass civil asset forfeiture reform in Michigan.p

Pat Colbeck - October 8, 2015

pState Senator R - Canton issues public debate challenge to any state elected official to defend tax increases for roads.p

Vinnie Vernuccio - October 8, 2015

pMackinac Centers Director of Labor Policy claims income is growing in Michigan since Right to Work was enacted.p

Ken Paff - October 8, 2015

pNational Organizer Teamsters for a Democratic Union addresses pension cuts among Teamster retirees.p

Dr. Colleen Allen - October 7, 2015

pAutism Alliance of Michigan President and CEO is there any relations between Aspergers and gun violence in the wake of the latest school shootingp

Michael Whan - October 7, 2015

pLPGRA Commissioner announcing new annual tour to be played in Ann Arbor.p

Michael Whan - October 7, 2015

pLPGRA Commissioner announcing new annual tour to be played in Ann Arbor.p

Gary Brown - October 7, 2015

pGroup Executive of Operations for the City of Detroit nominated by Mayor Duggan to lead the water department.p

Dr. John Lott - October 7, 2015

pFounder and President of the Crime Prevention Research Center discusses how other countries have higher rate of mass murder than the US.p

James Carafano - October 7, 2015

pA leading expert in national security and foreign policy challenges Hearitage Foundations Vice President of Foreign and Defense Policy Studies claims Obama is dangerously wrong about Putins intentions in Syria.p

Al Avila - October 7, 2015

pDetroit Tigers General Manager recaps the season and looks ahead to next season.p

Ed Wenz - October 7, 2015

pLead Inspector and Lead Risk Assessor on the Flint water crisis.p

David Jacques - October 7, 2015

pPublisher of the Roseberg Beacon says the President is not welcome in their town to visit the victims of the Oregon school shooting and that he is only visiting to grandstand for political purposes.p

Dean Look - October 6, 2015

pFormer NFL official Detroit Lions victim of another bad call.p

Jim Ananich - October 6, 2015

pSenate Minority Leader D-Flint regarding Flints water crisis.p

Daniel Wallach - October 6, 2015

pSports betting law expert insider trading in fantasy footballp

Jurgen Todenhofer - October 6, 2015

pGerman Journalist who embedded himself with ISIS.p

Brooke Tucker - October 6, 2015

pACLU of Michigan Attorney woman considering legal action against Catholic Hospital for refusing to perform a sterilization procedure.p

Luke Adler - October 6, 2015

pRetired U.S. Marshal Forember Member of the FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force claims the Black Lives Matter Movement was alive 30 years ago in Ferguson.p

Paul Chesser - October 6, 2015

pAssociate Fellow National Legal and Policy Center. Electric Truck Company looks like next stimulus funded bankruptcy.p

Paul Wohlfarth - October 5, 2015

pspan styleline-height 20.8pxUAW Local 12 in Toledo retiree on the ongoing Union negotiations with the American auto companies.spanp

Dr. James Alan Fox - October 5, 2015

pProfessor of Criminology Law and Public Policy at Northeastern author of 18 books is hysteria to blame for school shootingsp

Ed Sarpolus - October 5, 2015

pTarget Insyght Executive Director out with a new poll showing Todd Courser running third in historic special election.p

Rick Jones - October 5, 2015

pState Senator R-Grand Ledge Chair of the State Senate Judiciary Committee introducing a bill to eliminate benefits to unmarried couples.p

Beth Wallace - October 5, 2015

pSustainability Manager for the Detroit Zoo. Detroit zoo is no longer selling bottled water.p

John Mayleben - October 5, 2015

pMichigan Retailers Association Senior VP Technology and New Product Development discusses new chip in credit and debit cards. Do they really protect youp

Kurt Heise - October 5, 2015

pState Rep R-Plymouth Chair of the House Criminal Justice Committee and Primary Sponsor of Bill for parole and probation reform.p

Ted Cruz - October 5, 2015

pSenator R-Texas and Presidential Hopeful spoke in Kalamazoo this morning.p

Bill Schuette - October 5, 2015

pMichigan Attorney General out with new book stronguBig Lessons from a Small Town.ustrongp

Doug Stanton - October 5, 2015

pBest Selling Author Founder of the Traverse City Film Festival is hosting authors from across the nation for Bookmania A Seriously Addictive Writers Festivam in Traverse City October 7-15.p