Professor Tim Chartier - March 17, 2014

Professor in the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science at Davidson College has developed an effective, mathematical method for filling out March Madness brackets.

Grant Strobl - December 18, 2014

President of Young Americans for Freedom at the University of Michigan reacts to Susan Douglas, Chair of UM's Communications Department's article titled "It's OK to Hate Republicans."

Felix Sharpe Caballero - December 18, 2014

Cuban Director of Behavioral Health Integration for the State of Michigan on the normalization of relations between Cuba and The United States.

Rafed Yaldo - December 18, 2014

Community Activist, helped organize several commitees for Bisop Francis Kalabat to help displaced Christians is going back to visit Iraqi Christians in Jordan.

Mike Wheeler - December 18, 2014

WJR Program Director discusses Cuban cigars.

Mitzvah Day - December 18, 2014

Janet Berman - Co-Chair of Mitzvah Day Shareef Akeel - Executive Board Member of the Michigan Muslim Community Council discuss Mitzvah day, where people from all faiths are encouraged to to participate in dozens of social service projects on Christmas Day.

Randy Richardville - December 17, 2014

Michigan Senate Majority Leader on the road funding bill, will it pass?

Brian Pannebecker - December 17, 2014

Non Union Ford Employee. UAW denied him free turkey bought by The Ford Motor Company for employees because he was no longer a member of the union.

Dr. Robert Rowen - December 17, 2014

Longtime medical journalist and clinician, world leader in innovative medicine and world renowned medical ozone expert claims to have cured Ebola in Sierra Leone in 72 hours. For more information visit or https://www.faceb...

Devin Brown - December 17, 2014

Lilly Scholar and Professor of English at Asbury University where he teaches a class on C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien out with a new book Tolkien: How an Obscure Oxford Professor Wrote The Hobbit and Became the Most Beloved Author of the Century.

Rick Santorum - December 16, 2014

Former Senator and Presidential Candidate on the latest spending bill.

Omar Mahmood- December 16, 2014

Had apartment vandalized and was fired from The Michigan Daily after writing a satirical op-ed about liberal victimization.

Rich Studley - December 16, 2014

President of the Michigan Chamber of Commerce, strongly opposes sales tax on services to fix roads.

Al Michaels - December 16, 2014

Award Winning Sportscaster out with a new book You Can't Make This Up.

Eric Larson - December 16, 2014

Founder, President and Chief Executive Officer of the Larson Realty Group who won the contract to develop the old Tigers Stadium site.

Eric Hipple - December 16, 2014

Former Lions Quarterback. Partnering with the Eisenhower Center "After the Impact," program that pairs wounded veterans and former NFL players together for support.

Jerry Hodak - December 15, 2014

Former Meterologist WXYZ Channel 7 remembers Bill Bonds who passed away Saturday afternoon of a heart attack.

Bill Bonds, Mort Crim and Joe Glover - December 15, 2014

From July 2004 joined by Mort Crim - Former Anchor WDIV and Joe Glover - Former Anchor WJBK: discuss the movie "Anchorman" starring Will Ferrell, their view on the way news is presented post career and what they would have done differently.

Bill Bonds - December 15, 2014

From October 2008 right before doing a special commemorative newscast with John Kelley and Marilyn Turner for WXYZ's 60th anniversary. 

Patrick DeHaan - December 15, 2014

Senior Petroleum Analyst with, will gas prices continue to drop?

Dave Meador - December 15, 2014

Chief Administrative Officer, DTE on DTE's renovation of the old Salvation Army building and smart meters.

Mark Hackel - December 12, 2014

Macomb County Executive on the proposed Michigan Gas Tax.

Don Van Natta Jr. - December 12, 2014

Senior Writer, ESPN The Magazine. Transcripts show inconsistencies in Roger Goodell's testimony on Ray Rice.

Ray McCallum - December 12, 2014

University of Detroit Mercy basketball coach hosting #11 Wichita State in a nationally televised game.

Tom Gage - December 12, 2014

Detroit News Tigers beat writer voted into the Baseball Hall of Fame.

Steven Fishman - December 12, 2014

Defense Attorney for Joseph Weekly, Detroit police officer accused of killing 7 year old Aiyana Stanley-Jones in a drug bust gone bad.

Mayor Mike Duggan - December 12, 2014

Looking ahead to Detroit, post bankruptcy.

Buckets Blake and Zeus McClurkin - December 12, 2014

World Famous Harlem Globetrotters coming the the Palace on Friday, January 2nd.