Art Weiss - March 18, 2014

Defense Attorney for Mohammed Hassan Hamad who was arrested at Metro Airport on his way to Lebanon on charges he was going there to join Hezbollah.

Alice Jennings - July 22, 2014

Attorney for the plantiffs who filed a lawsuit against the water department over the shut offs.

Doug Bernstein - July 22, 2014

Bankruptcy Attorney with Plunkett Cooney. Official vote tally shows big support for Detroit debt cutting plan.

Brooks Patterson - July 22, 2014

Oakland County Executive. Oakland County earns AAA rating from Standards and Poor's and what local city doesn't even bother to send a water bill to it's residents?

Al Kaline - July 22, 2014

Tigers Hall of Famer.

Tom Wilson - July 21, 2014

President, CEO of Olympia Entertainment with a sneak peak of the proposed Arena District downtown.

Mike Rogers - July 21, 2014

Congressman R-Brighton on the Israel/Gaza conflict, crisis at the border and the passenger plane attack on the Ukraine/Russia border.

Kerry Bentivolio - July 21, 2014

Congressman R-11th District back from a fact finding mission to South America.

Frank Tanana - July 21, 2014

Former Tiger Pitcher live from the CATCH Golf Outing.

Dan Petry - July 21, 2014

Former Tiger Pitcher live from the CATCH Golf Outing.

Tom Leyden - July 21, 2014

WXYZ Sports Anchor live from the CATCH Golf Outing.

Vinnie Johnson and Devin Scillian - July 21, 2014

Vinnie Johnson - Former Pistons Bad Boy, Devin Scillian - WDIV Anchor live from the CATCH golf outing.

Jim Hughes - July 21, 2014

CATCH Executive Director.

Dave Bergman - July 21, 2014

Former Tiger live from the CATCH Golf Outing.

Kirsten Haglund and Nolan Finley - July 21, 2014

Kirsten Hanglund - Former Miss America, Metro Detroit native. Nolan Finley, Detroit News, live from the CATCH Golf Outing.

Governor Rick Snyder - July 18, 2014

On the water situation in Detroit, his re-election and illegal immigrants coming to Michigan.

Sam Hashem - July 18, 2014

Owner of Hashem Family Companies, an Arab-American run company from Lebanon. Made a large donation, along with his patrons to help John Bieniewicz's family. 

Bill Huizenga - July 18, 2014

Congressman R-Zeeland. Introducing a bill to slash IRS funding.

Patrick Grant and Bob Sadler - July 18, 2014

Patrick Grant - Natice Detroiter, composer, musician, pioneer of the electric guitar procession. Bob Sadler - Detroit Historical Society Director of Marketing teaming up to celebrate Detroit's 313th birthday.

Brad Thor - July 18, 2014

Author, has served as a member of the Department of Homeland Security's Analytic Red Cell Program, out with a new book Act of War.

Jim Nash - July 17, 2014

Oakland County Water Resources Commissioner. Why did Judge order him not to speak with other officials about the water deal?

Keith Crain - July 17, 2014

Chairman, Crain Communications, Editor-in-Chief: Automotive News. Is Volkswagen interested in buying Fiat?

Gene Gargaro - July 17, 2014

Detroit Institute of Arts Chairman on the Grand Bargain announcement.

Kyle Melinn - July 17, 2014

Michigan Information and Research Services News Editor and co-owner takes a look at Michigan Congressional Races.

Christopher Cabrera - July 16, 2014

National border Patrol Council Local 3307 Vice President give us an inside view on the border crisis.

Roey Gilad - July 16, 2014

Consul General of Israel to Midwest on the turmoil in Israel.

Glenn Anderson - July 16, 2014

State Senator D-Westland wants to make fireworks illegal in Michigan again.

George Jackson - July 16, 2014

Detroit Economic Growth Corp. President and CEO. What's next for the old Tigers Stadium site?

Sandy Baruah - July 16, 2014

Detroit Regional Chamber President and CEO discusses Prop 1.

Roger Curtis - July 16, 2014

President Michigan International Speedway. Faster Horses Festival in town this weekend with the biggest names in country music.